Lower front leg tightness (Read 52 times)


    Wish to skip to the short story? ^^" just scroll down bellow it's highlighted in blue.
    Basically the main problem the whole lower leg becomes really tight where it's insanely hard to run, usually i continue running with the normal pain of like the last 5 mins etc of a workout,/run to improve. but this is different.

    So i was kind of fat ages ago been working out for 4-6 years where i lost my fat,built a body however something happened and i had to rest for about a year+ personal stuff,
    And i just got back to working out 2 months ago working on losing the extra fat gained in that year and on my stamina to where i can long for at least 60 mins
    Started first month with the bike only
    Second month first week 16 mins on the treadmill [I Stretch before and after the workout] I walk the first 3 mins to warm up then i increase the speed to a slow running pace then another 3 mins to get the sweat running and i start slowly every 3 mins lowering it to a pace where i can run and still be able to talk.
    Second week i was able to do 32 mins
    Third week got really hard 45-46 mins where it got insanely hard to finish the 45 mins i have to admit i couldn't finish the 45 mins after the 32 mins some of the days
    And the fourth week 60 mins this is where my problem started. My legs the lower front part after 10 mins of running they get tight like really tight,[gets hard] to the point of where i can't even run usually before i took that year break my lungs,stamina was the issue which was easy to solve by running but this is different
    And i rest 2 days a week and do legs,abs,core excercises [Legs every 2 days Example:day 1 legs ,day 2 and 3 skip day 4 legs] abs,cores etc basically i did them everyday except for the 2 days where i rest
    I had lower back pain but thats normal and it's gone now after running for a while and working on my core
    But now i'm stuck with my lower front legs always become tight after 10 mins where i can't even run
    Any idea why this is happening?
    And any tips or if you got a whole diff program where i can work on my self so i'm able to run longer. Basically a program workout for runners where i can focus on increasing how long i can run for ill work on the speed after i'm able to do at least 60 mins or 90+. My goal atm is to reach 60 mins daily run.

    I would appreciate any help regarding my lower front leg becomes really tight,pain issues.

    Short story>
    Go back to working out 2 months ago .
    First month[Bike]
    Second month[Treadmill]=as im working on my stamina,endurance
    First week 16 mins,second 32,third 45[Where the problem started] fourth week 60 mins[Where i couldn't even do 16 mins
    Leg pain located in the lower front leg but basically the lower part fully just gets tight, Apologies if some words aren't described well English isn't my full language.
    I stretch before,after workouts always.
    Ofcourse i had back pain as i didn't workout for ages but that's gone after running almost daily and doing core,abs exercises and legs once every 2 days
    And i rest twice a week.

    I'm honestly lost now. I got magnesium sport supplement 2 days ago but it's been only 2 days since i got it so idk if it's working yet it will take a week or 2. And i'm 20 year's old nice to meet you all and thanks for any help in advance.


      Have you been taking any days off for rest?


      You could try foam rolling your legs as well.

        Sounds like it could be your Tibialis Anterior muscle. Or if it's lower down toward your ankle, and on the inside of your leg, it could be your Soleus muscle. Just Google those two muscles and see if either one looks like where your leg hurts, or feels tight. I personally do not have any experience with muscle tightness, just pulled muscles. I'm sure someone here can, and will give a hand sooner or later. Good Luck.


          it's the Tibialis Anterior muscle thats where the pain is. i just bought calf/knee compression sleeves from ebay and got mangesium 2 days ago

          Any tips on what to do/how to handle this?

          Also Which training program do you suggest to work on fixing this/getting better.

          I really wish to be able to run 60-90 mins easily i enjoy running been doing it for years. this is the first time this happened to me.

            I wish I could help you with advice, but I can’t. The stamina will come with time, be patient and don’t add too much time too soon. Just do a quick internet search and you’ll be on your way. Good luck.


              You are just doing too much. It is an adaptation thing. Will take time and even more time if your a heel striker. What will help short term is a lot of calf stretching and getting lower leg warmed up with movement, toe taps, 20 calf raises etc. before walking and running and/or soaking in hot tub or hot water before activity while moving foot and ankle. Try it and be patient.

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