What is the ("Bleep")iest thing you have had happen while running? (Read 394 times)


    I was running a trail near sunset and surprised a raccoon coming out of some tall grass.  He let out out a sort of growl and it scared the crap out of me.


    Another time some teenager yelled out  Weirdo!" It bothered me for a moment but then I was wondering.  How did he know me?


      Since there seems to be an animal theme going, here's my share, nothing too exciting though. I run at night in the suburbs, so I'm easily startled.


      - Spooked by deers, racoons, skunks, cats, big overly-friendly dogs, and plenty of humans (throwing things or just swearing out the car window)

      - Almost twisted my ankles a couple times leaping around turds that suddenly jump before my footfall (toads)

      - Ran next to a shoulder-height backyard fence/wall and spooked by a possum running along about 2 feet from my face

      - Saw a yard(meter)-long snake sunbathing in the middle of the trail. It's in the morning so I spotted it before getting too close. I stopped to take pictures.

      - There are mountain lion sightings where I run, fortunately I haven't run into one yet


        Last summer while cycling, a dog jumped out of the window of a moving vehicle in an effort to chase me.


          Fool. I don't need to "break" into runners' cars. They leave their keys sitting on a rear tire so I can have easy access.


          ----- Hmmm,, I am guilty of leaving the keys on the rear tire.  I thought I was "playing it smart" by not leaving them on the front tire.  Big grin

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