Today, I saw my halo! (Read 564 times)

You'll ruin your knees!

    Was up running well before daylight this morning on a grass surface. Pretty bright half moon was shining, creating a moon-shadow running partner who just happened to run my pace. With the moon hanging just above my left ear, moon shadow ran just in front of me. I couldn't help notice that just around his (my) head, right there in the wet grass, was a light "glow", for lack of a better description. One time I looked at it, it had a distinct ring of white...JUST LIKE A HALO! It was quite a site! Anyway, wondering if any of you night owls have ever noticed anything like that... Lynn B

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    Needs more cowbell!

      That's very cool! Someday I will have to run after dark or before light to witness stuff like that, myself. Smile k

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        Nah, too many durn street-lights and clouds! Sad

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          I too have seen that. This morning's moon was bright, but I ran out among street lamps on the road, so I did not see it today.
            Maybe if I open my eyes when I run that early I'll catch a glimpse.... Tongue
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              Horribly scared of the dark, I can't run in the dark. I'm truly convinced that man-eating creatures & serial killers/stalkers are in the dark!! And I KNOW there ain't no halo about this, here head!! No point in going out in the dark & increasing my heart rate to near death rates to look for something that isn't there! Wink
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