My first Ultramarathon (Read 746 times)

    On Sunday 7th December 2008 I officially became an ultra-marathoner after running 30 miles through the muddiest, coldest areas of the South of England in a race with runners preparing for the Marathon des Sables and the Namibian ultra. I had a hard as nails race which took me through downland marshes and muddy trees lined paths. The mud was frozen in places and the temperature was down to - 4° C at places. I was cracking ice with my heels to get over certain paths but had a brilliant time. The picture below was taken by a Running Ahead buddy who came down to watch the race, I am at a check point at 15 miles and as you can see I am very tired but the hardest part was about to come....why do I do this sport? Mrs J has asked me to stop the long ones now...but little does she know... Evil grin

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      Well done Ultra Jerry. Clowning around



        Congrats. Awesome avatar dude.


        De-slacking in progress

          I'll same the same thing to you that I say to my Ironman brother- IDIOT Big grin Congrats on your superhuman feat. You ultra guys just amaze me. It just shows what hard work and determinations and smart training can do.

          started running @ age 48 [lost 70#+, quit a 30 year pack/day habit>> ran HM]  Ran a few years then quit. Gained 70#+ back and smoking like before. Time to get healthy again @ 52 years over with the C25K program and beyond again. RE-start date 1-13-14

          Chris UK

            Yes, well done indeed. It was a bright but cold day - I managed a more sedate 7 miles! Cool


            3000 miles

            Sub 19:00 for 5K  05-03-13 Clee Prom 5K - 19:00:66 that was bloody close!

            Sub-40:00 for 10K 17-03-13 Gainsborough 10K - 39:43

            Sub 88:00 for HM


              Why do I do this sport? Mrs J has asked me to stop the long ones now...but little does she know
              Excellent note Jerry....Keep it up....and I know what you mean about the events. I ran a marathon (YEARS AGO) and am now eyeballing another one in Oct09 and Mrs John A keeps asking WHY - WHY -- Dont you remember how tired you were last time....... Keep it up....... I jst cant imagine 30 miles.......WOW Ill bet Mrs J was proud and happy to tell her friend what you accomplished......

              Champions are made when no one is watching

                Thanks everyone, I have managed to get a running number for the Hastings Centenary Marathon (Hastings is south-east England about 50 miles from London) at short notice and will be running it on Sunday 14th December 2008. I can't believe I just said "Yes" with only 2 weeks notice but I may as well do it and then rest up for the Christmas period to hit the woodland trails in the New Year to prepare for my second moonlight ultra of 32 miles....wow I think I have the bug Big grin

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