Knee and feet problems for no reason (Read 402 times)

    Today I went with my wife for a nice 90 minute walk, no pushing ourselves just a time for us two to walk as husband and wife and talk and enjoy the scenery. The temperature was in the mid 60's with a slight breeze and I had the best time. The odd part is that after I got home I noticed pain on the left side of my knee and it is now swollen and I have a blister on my right foot. I was wearing my good DeFeet Socks and my Brook Beasts shoes and I was not pushing my pace at all. In fact my pace was more of a Sunday drive which really confuses me on why I am having these problems from a simple walk.
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      Have you been running hard during the days before Sunday? Some injuries tend to hide before they come out. My knees have improved greatly but last year they bothered me more after rest days than if I ran consecutive days - go figure. Ewa
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