Boston in 2 weeks! (Read 457 times)

    Hey all you RunningAhead users and fans: Anyone notice the theme color for the Boston Marathon this year? The theme color for all the BM gear this year seems to make it MY YEAR! It is Orange. Hey, if anyone is going to be in Boston this year and in corral 15 or so, I want to meet as many of you users as possible. My bib is 15342. I will be running with my brother<daddylonglegs>. Stop and say hi if you see me. Orangeman</daddylonglegs>

    Orange Man and Eric.


    keep running.

      Orange Man, I'm wearing my colors for you baby. Wink
      running until I hit 1900 miles for the year. whether fast or slow I will just run.
        Good luck Orangeman! Big grin This IS your year! I love orange...it's one of my favorite colors and I finally, FINALLY got a pair of running shoes with orange on them...I'm so stinkin exicted! I got them yesterday and kept looking down at them when I ran this morning. I was all --> Big grin
        Jennifer mm#1231