Big honking hills and WSER Qualifier! (Read 523 times)

You'll ruin your knees!

    Finished the Leona Divide 50 Mile run today...10:27:24 and I am beside myself! I started out with the intention of 1) having a good run, meaning, no fade-away/deathwalk stuff 2) test my legs in a race with NO taper (man, I hate tapering!) 3) get a read for how I hold up to the hills (preparing for Bighorn 100 Mile run in June, in Bighorn Mountains) 4) possibly get a WSER qualifier (50 mile race under 11 hours) ...result...yes to all 4!!!!!!!!!! I am at LAX waiting for the redeye flight back to Dallas and found an internet connection...soooooo.... Twas a beaut of a day in Lake Hughes California...upper 30's at the start with highs in the mid 50s with some wind, but basically a great Southern California Day!!! I'll prolly write up some more later and I'll come back an post a link to my report/pics... Here is the race website.... http://www.leonadivide.com/ G'nite, ya'll Lynn B

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      Great Job! Your runs and reports are always excellent, I'll look forward to reading it. For a non ultra guy, What is the WSER?
        Dude! Congratulations!

        Runners run.

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          Great Job! Your runs and reports are always excellent, I'll look forward to reading it. For a non ultra guy, What is the WSER?
          http://www.ws100.com/ It's the "Boston" of ultras.

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            http://www.ws100.com/ It's the "Boston" of ultras.
            Thanks, that looks like an amazing race

            keep running.

              JLynn--YOU ROCK! Amazing job there... no taper huh? Is that your secret? J/k I can't wait for the full review. I'm ecstatic for you! That gets the 2000 mile boobie prize for sure. Big grin amazing....amazing! Cool
              running until I hit 1900 miles for the year. whether fast or slow I will just run.

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                Lynn, you never fail to impress and inspire. I am so totally geeked for you! Big grin k

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                  Congrats, Lynn. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed that you completed that race or that you hopped onto a plane not long after running 50 miles! Amazing.

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                    Awesome job Lynn! You are amazing!!! I can't wait to hear the full report.