Garmin Vivoactive 3 - thoughts? (Read 38 times)

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    My Garmin 200 has been acting wonky lately - today I picked up a Vivoactive 3 on clearance for $180.  I have 30 days to return it, so I figured I'd ask if anyone has one and has thoughts about it as a running watch before I make up my mind.

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      That's what I'm using. I really like it, and it's stylish, IMO Smile.  I haven't had another Garmin to compare, though.


      Lots of features, GPS and HR are accurate.  I use it for running and biking, but there are lots of other activities available as well. Syncs fine with RA. Now that I wear it, my phone is always on silent, and I just glance at my wrist when an email or text comes in.


      I didn't think I would use Garmin Pay, but I set it up, and found it's quite convenient.  It's new enough that even sales clerks are impressed when I pay that way. Smile

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        I've had mine for about a month. Had a Garmin 235 before but the battery was dying. I love it. I wear it as a regular watch (white band). Love that my texts and call notifications come through - it's amazing how far I can be from my phone and still get them. I am becoming obsessed with my heart rate though.  

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          18 months with VA3.  No problems.  Easy to read in sny light.  Vibration is a little light for wake up.

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            Vibration is a little light for wake up.


            I have used it for wake up on rare occasions, and found it plenty startling to wake me up.  Maybe only because my use of that feature is pretty rare. It is nice to have an alarm that doesn't wake anybody else, though.


            I will say that when I'm racing hard, I often miss the mile signals, presumably because I'm running so hard or concentrating on other things. Perhaps strapping it on a notch tighter for races would be a good idea.

            Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.
            - Mark Twain