Total mileage doesn't match recent/monthly mileage (Read 957 times)

    Hi, I've happily using your log for almost a month now, and today I tried to add some of my weekend runs. For whatever reason, the first time I saved the info for Sunday's run, it didn't seem to take, as it didn't show up in "recent runs" or on the "summary" page. However, I noticed that the "2005 mileage" figure no longer matched the June mileage or the sum on the "recent runs" page. When I filled out the information for Sunday's run again, it finally appeared in the summary and recent run pages, but the 2005 mileage total had increased again! The total on the summary and recent run pages is correctly 100.3 for the month of June (the only month I have entries for in your log). But the 2005 mileage seems to still be ahead by the 4.5 miles that didn't save the first time. It feels like at least one of these totals is not re-computed each time from the individual run entries, but is cached as a separate number somewhere. Any idea what I can do to bring all the totals into agreement again? Thanks, great site, I really enjoy the flexibility of adding runs to my log from home or work! -tm35
      I just checked; the "Total Stats" numbers are wrong, too---they match the incorrect "2005" stats. -tm35
        tm, I'm glad that you're looking at the numbers closely, and double checking my calculations. I looked at your log (I hope you don't mind), and found your missing 4.5 miles. It hasn't shown up anywhere because it's dated June 28, 2005. The weekly and months stats only include runs up to today's date, while the yearly and total stats include everything. It is somewhat confusing, and I'll try to correct it when I get a chance. eric Smile
          Ahah! Musta been a typo when I was entering the data the first time. Once that day becomes visible (presumably tomorrow) I'll have a chance to try out the "Delete run" feature! Thanks for tracking this down. My own fault. And no problem with looking at my log---I think of it as no more private than people actually seeing me run! -tm35
            For future reference, I found it by doing a search. Since you can specify the date range, I only set the from date, and left the end date empty, which listed all the runs from that date on. I try to make sure everything works before updating the site. However, errors do creep in because I failed to test every case. Part of the problem is that everyone has different settings (i.e. distance/temperature/weight units, date/time formats, etc). So if something seems suspicious to you, let me know, even if you're not sure. Thanks!