what is your finish face look like (Read 6483 times)


    This is what 2:58:38 looks like.



    I wanted that PR bad. Just barely made it.


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      This thread is full of win.

      I have no finish pics. I elude the finish line, like a cat eludes water.

      Feeling the growl again

        This is what 2:58:38 looks like.



        I wanted that PR bad. Just barely made it.

         That looks a lot more badass than your "before" picture in another thread.  Big grin

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          Saw this picture of me from my recent local 14K club race and thought of this thread.  It looks like I was about to cry.  My eyes were on the finish line for sure. The wind was blowing hard and was actually a tail wind there at the finish, but it was brutal out on the gravel/dirt roads during the middle of the race.

          Here's a picture one of the volunteers took during the race as one of the first runners came through at about mile 7.  Fun day for a race, winds were gusting to 38mph at the finish.  Running into the wind on that dirt road was sheer joy.

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          not bad for mile 25

            Looks brutal. Joking

              Looks like the dust bowl days are returning


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                The last Race I finished.  a Fun, afternoon 5k after doing a 12 mile training run that morning.





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                  He might be annoyed, but this is my brother:




                  (The story behind it is he finished the race and went to pace a friend, but didn't want to cross the finish line twice.)

                  Bring it on.

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                    This was very close to the finish. I couldn't see the seconds column on my watch but knew that I was at 3:54:XX with a goal of sub 3:55.

                    (finished in 3:54:51)


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                      Here is what a 1:29:56 when you're under trained looks like.


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                        Sometimes it ain't pretty...



                        About a mile from the finish of a 1:19:50 hm,  wondering if I'm tearing my left hamstring from the bone.

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                              I <3 kilts!  How YOU doin'?! Evil

                              better now  Blush  Wink