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    I'm visiting from Florida for Christmas (I was born and raised in Minneapolis).  I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a gym or indoor running area (that's relatively inexpensive) that I could use while visiting the Twin Cities?  I will be there less than 10 days, and I will be in the middle of tapering for Goofy Challenge, but I don't want to lose fitness by not running as much, I don't really want to use my parent's treadmill, and I don't want to run outside-- I have lived in sub-tropical FL for the last two years, and I don't want to risk pneumonia by running in below 0 temps.




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      The Metrodome is open for running on Tuesday/Thursday nights, but not Christmas day, so while you're there that probably just means the 27th.  


      If you're anywhere near Woodbury, the Bielenberg Sports Center has a teeny tiny indoor track (7 laps to a mile) that is open pretty much every morning that week for a couple of hours, other than Christmas day.


      I'm sure there have to be other places similar to the one in Woodbury, but I live over in that direction so I don't really know about anything in other parts of the area.

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        Lots of community centers have indoor tracks that you can use.  Just depends on what part of town you are going to be in...

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