Proper breathing technique during a run or race (Read 1175 times)

    My wife and I were out on Tuesday and she was mentioning that I breath a lot harder than she does while we are running.  That I should try her technique of even slow breathes.


    I couldn't hear her all that well since she was about 1/2 a mile behind me and slowing to a walk at the time.


    I always found that if I worry about my legs my brain worries about my lungs.

    My sport's your sport's punishment


    2012 goals


    100 Km month         150 K month      200K month

    5K run    10K run     20K run              30K run

    sub 30 min 5K         sub 55min 10K

      Breathe often. Mostly easy, sometimes hard.






        in then out is method that works best for me.  on occasion, just to mix it up a bit, i do the out then routine...but that's crazy as i'm willing to get with it all.