Question or two for Amazon Prime/Kindle Fire owners. (Read 309 times)


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    Thinking about picking up an Amazon Fire HD, the 7" version.  I have access to an iPad 2 through school and they don't mind me basically treating it as "mine" (i.e. I can put whatever apps/content I want on there), but I wouldn't mind upgrading my Kindle 3, and that iPad is just huge to be using as a reader, especially with the ginormous case they want us to use.  Plus, even though I can treat it as "mine," it's still not..."MINE," you know?  My tastes don't stray too far outside of "school appropriate," but I'm just not comfortable having a lot of my personal stuff on there.


    We do have a Prime membership, which I know is kind of key to getting the most out of the Fire; however, that's where it gets a little sticky.  Due to bad planning at the outset, my wife's account is the Prime membership, and it's where all of our Kindle book purchases reside.  My non-Prime account is where all of our music purchases are.


    Now, I don't know that music streaming will be that important - if I bought one, it would be used primarily for reading and possibly to play movies on our television (more on that in a sec).  But I may want to listen to music from time to time.  Am I correct in thinking the Fire HD is going to be like my Kindle 3 in that the whole device is tied to one account at a time, and I wouldn't be able to, say, listen to a song on my Amazon Cloud while reading a book from my wife's?  Obviously, I could always listen to music from my Shuffle or my phone while holding the Fire, so it's not a total dealbreaker, but eh, if I'm going to buy an expensive electronic media device, I'd like for it to be able to handle all of my media.  It certainly occurs to me that there will almost certainly be an iPad Mini out soon with a retina display and possibly a faster Wifi antenna, which will bring it up to the functionality I'm looking for in the Fire, though even more certainly at a much higher price.


    Also...due to our infuriating internet situation, we are effectively unable to stream movies at our house.  If I were to purchase a movie or a season of a TV show, would I be able to download it to the Fire (from a Wifi location besides our house) and watch it on our television through the HDMI-out port on the Fire?

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      I have a kindle and my wife has a nexus 7. For reading books ebook readers (like the kindle) are great. Tablets like the nexus and (confusingly)  kindle fire are OK, but not nearly as good - IMHO. You say "primarily for reading" - personally I wouldn't get a tablet for this purpose.

        Isn't the Kindle Fire a backlit display? if reading is the main use, you might want to consider a Kindle with a reflective display. I find that it makes a big difference.


        edit: never mind I need to work on my reading comprehension :-)

          We have two Fires and a Prime membership.  Mine is listed as "Jennie's Second Kindle". It is way more convenient to have two Kindles tied to one account.  Your best bet is to consolidate everything on one account.  I think, you can find a way to consolidate your music to your wife's account, by download all yours to a PC then uploading them to hers?, but it is impossible to do the opposite, moving books from her account to yours.  You might as well bow down and submit to her superior wisdom (I did and it made my life easier).


          A Fire is very nice because free WiFi is everywhere.  You can be reading Hanson's Marathon book at a coffee shop and immediately jump on RunningAhead to ask a pertinent question or make a snide comment.


          We stream Instant Video to an Xbox, so I can't help you there.

            I've had a regular kindle for years, and we bought a 7 inch Kindle fire when it was discounted on Amazon for my daughter for Christmas.


            So.. still learning about the Kindle Fire, but I do know that, just like with the kindle it can only be attached to one Amazon account, so you wouldn't be able to use books from one, and music from another.   It is pretty easy to deregister and reregister, so what you could do is register it under your wifes, download onto the device the books you want, and then register it under your account.


            Kind of a pain though, and really, if you're mostly using it for reading, your current Kindle 3 is a much better option, imo.