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    So I just started running about 2 weeks ago. Pretty much following along with the C25K regimen. I like it because it's slowly getting my body used to the rigors of running again. Along with running, I've started to pay attention to my diet and have been counting calories using that AWESOME Excel spreadsheet (from Dave I believe?). For the past 2 weeks, I've been averaging about 1600 calories today. I only had one day over 2000 carlories (2300.....binged on pretels Sunday night). I'm 6'2" and weigh 218 (started at about 223). My goal is to exercise and diet my way down to 190-ish. I'm in no rush and want to do it the right way and not hurt myself in the process. So, my question is.... is 1600 calories enough? I do not feel like I'm depriving myself. I don't feel hungry. I'm eating 5-6 times a day and just trying to eat healthy. I assume I'll have to increase my calorie intake as my mileage increases and I'm assuming that my body will tell me that it needs more calories. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Tks Eric

      Hi Eric Your story sounds almost identical to mine. I am at week 5 of C25K and have also been trying to lose some weight. I use a free online tracker called Calorie King to keep an eye on my daily eating. When you join up it tells you how many calories you should be having. I have entred my details as 'light activty' and it gives me 1400 calories per day (female, 6'5", 84kg, light activity). There is also the option to add in exercise which allows you to eat back the calories burnt. I have chosen to only eat back about a quater of my exercise calories. I originally had the calories set at 1260 per day and found i felt deprived and would then binge. If your calories are too low you are on a diet - dieting really don't work. The following link leads to a brief article on some really good principles to keep in mind when trying to loose weight. http://www.ausrun.com.au/runners_world/training/healthtipslosingweight.html Hope it helps. Poppit
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        Moondog, Check out the Running Weight-Loss Calculator developed by our very our Stephen. Stephen has lost 40-50 pounds with this method. Quite a few others have found success with it as well. Also, you may want to check out some of the threads in the Jiggly Joggers group. Lots of good info and supportive RA people there.

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          is 1600 calories enough?
          Almost certainly. We have discussed this before: click


            join weight watchers. Nuff said! Big grin

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              Eric, I was the same way about 2 years ago. 6'-215lb's If you feel ok and you are losing weight you should be good. Start slow and don't get injured. If you listen to what your body is telling you, you can't go wrong. I never counted calories and never will, but I always eat healthy now. As the miles start to increase you body will scream for more fuel and if you don't feed it it will fight back. Just a side note. I started off lifting weights and running together 2 years ago and that will really take the weight off. But as I concentrate more on running I had to stop lifting. I was bet all the time. Good luck and welcome to RA. Mark

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                Thanks for your responses! The Running Weight Loss Calculator is a nifty little tool. I'm pretty much right on target with my 1600-ish calories per day. It's nice to see what I'll need to increase my calories to as my mileage/hours increase. Mark, I used to do weights as well and agree that a combined cardio/weight training program really makes the pounds melt away. About 5 years ago I went from 225 to 190 in less than 6 months doing that and I was not starving myself by any means (at least I didn't feel like it). I roughly followed the "Body For Life" program. But then I got sick, gained it all back.....you guys know the drill. I may incorporate some very light/high rep weight training in a month or two. The best part about all this is that I've convinced my 12 year old daughter to join me on most of my runs. There's something incredibly cool about that. We have really cool/funny discussions as we make our way around the track. And her glow of pride/accomplishement when we finish is priceless. Thanks Eric