Help! I'm Stuck. (Read 5143 times)

      Or anybody else with your own experience?  It's easy for me to throw some examples; one woman was stuck at 3:40 doing 3-4 X 20-milers and I cut it back and now she does ONE 18-miler and, within 5 months, she ran 3:30, then 3:29, then 3:24.  So, yeah, I don't think it's necessary.  But how about YOUR experience?  Anything we all can learn from???


    Hello Nobby, I will post feedback after my first marathon on October 21st. I am following a 4 Day per week running wizard program that was about 17 weeks long. So far I have a couple of 3 hour runs and a couple 2:30 to 2:40 hour runs, I think the longest one was 17 miles. I just PR a half marathon on the 29th September in 1:58:17, I was pretty happy about that. For me the mid week 90 minute run was key for improvement. I am a little nervous about pacing as my half time suggest 4:10 finish.