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    Hey all, On business in Utah. A training session in Provo to be exact. This is what this mornings run was like. Cold, but beautiful. I forgot my running jacket so I had to pick up 2 for $20 sweatshirts, layered them on. Temp was around 15 degrees. My run was from the bottom of Utah Valley 3 miles up, and 3 miles back down. Split times were 31min/24min...much easier when gravity is on your side! I enjoyed it so much I am bummed that I opted for the treadmill on the first morning. I will be out again tomorrow morning for sure. Dave

      Hi Dave, The snowy mountains sure look beautiful. Enjoy the balmy weather in Utah. Cool Toronto: Currently -15°C (5°F), wind chill -24°C (-11°F), snowing. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 km/h. Tonight -18°C (-4°F), wind chill -27°C (-17°F), flurries. * Modified to add... The City of Toronto has issued an extreme cold weather alert, effective immediately, to help get homeless people in from the cold. The alert is in effect until further notice. Have fun in Utah. ~ Arlene
        I have run there many times (the picture is on the campus of my alma mater--BYU).
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        Go Pre!

          I am bummed that I did not bring my camera. I was trying to travel light. I even hunted for a disposable one to take some snaps on this morning's run but I had no luck. Now that I see Niagra Runners Toronto Weather report (Toronto being my home and I am headeed there tonight) I want to stay here and keep running on these scenic hilly roads! The people here in Provo are nice! Everyone says hi as you pass them by and i can even see the drivers of the cars smiling as they allow you to cross the roads! Quite refreshing.
            Beautiful post, Daddyo! Thanks for reminding us that snow and cold can be appreciated (just, for me, not too often! The first 28 years were enough for me...) Smile
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