Right leg always more sore (Read 52 times)

    My right leg seems to always be more sore after a hard workout/race run etc... hockey skating


    mostly my right quad.


    I wonder if that's my weaker leg? or my stronger leg and doing more work?


    I assume over time both legs will kind of equalize?


    Any insight? Thanks!

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      This can be a lot of things.


      Has anyone analyzed your form?


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        Is it possible one leg is longer than the other one?

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          the low hanging fruit in all this are your shoes. Are they worn out? If so, look no further.

          Even if they aren't you might try some changes to the running shoes your using, like ones with more cushioning, or greater drop, or go to a support shoe rather than neutral.

          Confused? Stop in to your local running store, the best one in your area, and let them know what hurts and what shoe might help in that regard (even if it is only one side that is hurting).

          Gait analysis, and what kind of surfaces you are running on also come into play.


            I would video-record your running, maybe it's easier on a treadmill, and see if you find anything from your form or running habit.