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     Huh, my fingers are like the top right.  I'm un(officially)diagnosed, but think I have a mild case.  Not when running, though.


    Zero F here, and I wear heavy mittens, and my hands sweat while running.  When it's 35F or more, cheap jersey gloves are fine.  In between, some of the dedicated running gloves are pretty good.

    Mine too, although my "gradient" is worse at index finger to better at pinkie.  Happens whenever my hands get cold, running or otherwise (including putting away refrigerated groceries!).  I'm still looking for a solution short of Everest-style lobster claws.


    If not mentioned, one key is having sufficient space for insulating air inside the gloves.  Too snug and they just don't work.

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      I don't have Raynaud's syndrome, but struggled with cold hands while winter running. Warm core helps, for sure, but at some point, my hands start to get tingly and go numb if they're even just cool for awhile? Anyway, tried all combos of lightweight gloves and liners, and below about 10F these cheap heavyweights from my local industrial hardware store work, at least down to -15F.




      I bought them big enough to tuck my phone into so it doesn't freeze at extreme temps.

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        Boot socks are my answer to cold hands. XL if you can find them. I wear 2-3 pair

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          I like these Kinco's down to about zero both running and working. Coated with snowseal they are popular with the backcountry ski crowd and see them on in bounds ski-patrolers quite often. They will breath some with the canvas back but still pretty warm.


          I have an aquaintance ultra runner guy with Reynaulds sp? that wears OR alti's below freezing, they are probably the most used mitts on Everest expeditions.


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            I got a pair of Brooks mittens for Christmas that are a fleece mitten interior, with a windproof mitten shell.  Those things are WARM.


            +1, called the Utopia 2-in-1 (~$30).  Actually too warm to wear both layers so far this winter (down to single digits).


            I reverted to Nike Thermal Tech fleece gloves ($20 at Dicks).  Warm, sleek, and oh so soft when wiping my frozen nose with the thumb.


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              I got a pair of Brooks mittens for Christmas that are a fleece mitten interior, with a windproof mitten shell.  Those things are WARM.


              Another +1 on these, the Brooks Utopia 2-in-1.  My fingers tend to get cold very easily, and they do the job for me.  I suspect the pair I have is technically a size bigger than I need, but I think that helps.  As my fingers warm the air inside, there's more warm air in there as a buffer against what little cold air does get through the layers.  At least, that's how it works in my head.

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