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    After running for years with no ID, I just got one for my husband and me. We both got the ankle band - completely comfotable and don't even notice it. In fact, I forget to take it off after the run and sometimes have it on for an hour or two after the run. Although somewhat expensive, I liked the neoprene band. I chose the the ankle band, since I already have a GPS on one wrist and a sweatband on the other. The necklace/tag form of ID seemed like it would bounce and/or chafe, espcially on long runs. The shoe would be a pain since I alternate shoes. I try to keep it with my shoes and put it on then. Shocked
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      I just got my Road ID on Saturday. My wife feels much safer when I go out running now. It is definitely very comfortable to wear. Just like wearing the chips when you run a race. I even put my blood type on it so that if I become unconcious they'll know. Jim
        check out www.idtag.biz

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          This is what I use. I haven't had problems with it falling off or interfering with my laces. http://www.runnershigh.com/idtags/index.htm
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            My only concern is whether the EMTs would look for it on my shoe.
            I know this topic is from awhile ago but I'm new to the site. I used to be a police officer and one of the first things they taught us in the first aid portion was always check an unconscious person for a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. I imagine, and hope, this is a universal teaching. I actually have a roadid necklace I've been wearing for years since I don't always have a wallet on me when I go out with friends, etc. I have my driver's license number on it (police can look up my bday and address with it so that personal info isn't available for anyone who sees my necklace). I also have that I'm an organ donor and other medical and contact information. I know it's crazy but I also have "I have a pet at home." When I was a police officer, when we arrested someone who wasn't going home anytime soon we would ask "Do you have any children at home or any pets." (Not that I mean to classify kids and pets together, but you get the point.) If I end up in the hospital for a few days and no-one can be contacted maybe the cops will let me dogs out! Big grin Stephanie
            To keep it, you have to give it away.
              I've never thought of having any i.d. on me when I run. Well I shouldn't say never, I mean every time this topic pops up on a message board I think of it for about 30 seconds. But I figure at this point it would be asking for trouble--I've run I don't know how many tens of thousands of miles in my life with no i.d. so as soon as I got one I figure I'd probably get run over by a bus on my very next run. And to quote Ron Burgundy, "I'm kind of a big deal, people know me." So I'm sure someone would recongnize me. haha. And my wife would eventually notice me missing and call the cops, right? Right? Maybe I shouldn't count on that...

              Runners run.

                And my wife would eventually notice me missing and call the cops, right? Right? Maybe I shouldn't count on that...
                Yeah I wouldn't bank on it. My freaky thinking is if I get mowed down (running, driving, walking in a parking lot, choking on chicken at the Outback) I want the people who scrape me up to know who to contact, to get my organs to as many people as possible, and to feed my freaking dogs! Big grin Stephanie
                To keep it, you have to give it away.

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                  I just ordered mine...we got a $2 coupon code at yesterday's race and this weekend we will be out-of-state at my IL's place...since I plan to run while we are there it will give me some peace of mind. I just hope it arrives by then. k

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                    I got one after my first race and run with it all the time. I have the wrist one.

                      I wear the shoe pouch and carry in it my Starbucks card and a $10 bill. That way I'm never without the essentials! Actually at least once a week my husband and I do a run to Sbux for breakfast, so that would explain the card. The cash is because one time I was out on a long run, lost my group, and ended up lost on a 20 miler. My husband was meeting me with his bike and extra Gu and water. It was hot. I had no money, was out of water, was out of gel, was 15 miles into the run, and no idea where I was and he wasn't answering his cell phone. Since then I've NEVER run without a little cash on me. The shoe pouch doesn't flop at all. I don' even notice it's there. It has my name, his number, my dog's name (since I run with my dog and he'll respond to strangers if they know his name), and my mother-in-law's phone number.