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    I've just started a half marathon training plan this week (12 weeks for an Oct half) and my cross-training/weight training is interfering. Over the past month I've committed to trying new classes at the gym, getting in shape for vacation coming up, and learning some yoga and body-weight training techniques to use while I'm traveling. I'm doing yoga, stairs workouts with an outdoors group, spinning, hiking, and body works (a killer group weights class) - each once per week. Sometimes I double up in one day such as a stairs workout then yoga, or spinning then a short hike. I also take at least one day completely off each week. The problem is that I'm ending up sore or with heavy legs and it's hard to get out for some of my runs when they're scheduled. I'm also just really enjoying all the other activities I'm doing and can tell a difference in my body after only a few weeks. Due to life stuff, it's hard for me to make a perfect schedule of cross-training and running, so I'm wondering what you all do to manage cross-training, strength training, and running. What are your experiences? I would love some ideas-I know I will get used to the classes with time, and I want to train smart for my half also.
      I cross-train, but do so with cycling, which tends to be very complementary towards running... weight training, I think, would be less so. All of that said, I think the key is to not let your cross training interfere with your long run... I think if you keep the long run sacred, you can give yourself more flexibility and still be ready for the 1/2. The other activities can help you build aerobic strength -- just not the type of endurance that the long run gives you.

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        There just aren't enough days in a week, are there? Wink I try to lift weights once a week --- sometimes in addition to a short (3 or 4 mi) run or on a xt day (bike, ET, etc.) All of your workouts -- stairs, spinning, hiking, body works, yoga, etc. -- sound awesome for someone who wants to be in killer shape. IMO, though, it's too much with training for a HM. You might want to cut out something, or rotate the XT activities -- ie., spinning one week but no stairs, then stairs the next week but no spinning. My $0.02!
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          Go for it! I lift twice a week in the mornings and swim once or twice per week on my lunch breaks. I run once or twice most days with the odd "rest" day that only has lifting/cycling/swimming but no running every couple of weeks. I have been trying to get cycling in more often. Yesterday, I commuted to work by bike so I got a good 30 miles in that way. I am going to try to get at least one commute day per week going forward (at least while the weather is decent) and to get some long rides on the weekends. I keep getting hurt when I increase my mileage past the 50 miles per week range, so I think my goal will be to run 40-45 miles per week and increase the cross training.

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            For me its not so much as cross-training as training for two different sports. I'm trying to get back into outrigger paddling but still want to get better at running as well. I try to run 6 times week (maybe 7 on a good week), all in the morning, and then two days of the week in the afternoon i go paddling and then do a long paddle on one of the days of the weekend. It kind of works because both works my cardiovascular shape and i get built in upper body strength training from the paddling. Since i am in the base conditioning phase before i start an 18 week marathon program in August, most of my runs are done super easy pace and i haven't gone on too long of runs. The days where I run and paddle i am pretty much tired at night, but then i just do the running the next day very easy and recover by the end of the day. As long as you're enjoying all those activities, i say keep doing them. Its nice to enjoy doing lots of different things. I agree with marcus_g though that at least keep some focus on the long run, make sure you're pretty well recovered for that.

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              I'm currently running ~30 miles/week plus at least one day of full body weight workout (moderate weight and reps) for an hour. On my second weights day if my legs are feeling sort of brutalized, then I will just do upper body and abs. I've run into this a bit lately. Definitely let your body be your guide. If you don't feel up to all of the extra workouts you're doing, then cut something out each week. k

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              madness baby

                Yes, not enough days in a week! Saturday will just have to be my day off, or a light day like an easy run, so I can feel refreshed for my long run on Sundays. Nothing is worse than feeling exhausted on the first mile of a long run. I will stick to only doing the harder cross-training 2 days/week, and I should be able to get to all the classes 1x every 2 weeks and get used to them and still keep up most of my scheduled runs. I'm a relatively new runner and I seem to have problems when I get around 25 miles/week, so I need to ease into that mileage. I hope that this cross-training will help with that and allow me to train up to about 25 miles/week. I wish one of the activities were upper body, Steve! Paddling is such a great way to get in shape. In college, I went to the everglades for a week on a canoe trip and I have never been so jacked! What I would give for those arms again! At least my upper body strength training doesn't interfere with training now. The good thing is I don't do much lower body strength training, except for body works, which keeps me hobbling around for a couple of days. I'll get used to it, though Wink Thanks y'all!
                  my schedule is crazy right now so i've had to cut back on pretty much *everything* (booo...), but you know how you always hear about kids who are so over-scheduled w/ activities (karate, piano, baseball, soccer, math tutoring, etc)? we do that to ourselves, too. once my schedule returns to normal (hopefully later this month!), i'm sticking to only 3-4 days running and 2 days xt. and for that xt, i'm sticking to cycling or swimming and i made myself sign something and stick it on the wall over my desk so i don't get tempted by this class or that class and wear myself out physically and financially this time around. (oh and the strength-training i don't consider a separate xt thing... b/c i do it on swim days, i just lump it w/ swimming and leave it at that)(but that is part of me trying to trick myself into thinking i'm being good and "cutting back" on the training commitments, etc... i rationalize this b/c in that FIRST book from the furman institute, they say they don't consider weight training a xt activity for runners. i know they didn't mean it doesn't COUNT, but i'm pretending they did so i don't feel bad about a whole extra 30-40 minutes of exertion on those days!)