Precor 885 Treadmill belt moves to left while running (Read 43 times)


    Hi, brand new to the forums. I’m hoping someone may be able to provide some help for a problem I’m having with my treadmilll. It is a Precor 885 that I purchased used about a year and a half ago. If I remember correctly I think it had around 13,000 miles on it when I bought it. I’ve probably put on an additional 1,500. I use it primarily for lousy weather and intervals usually in the 8-13 mile range. Since owning it I’ve had a problem with the belt shifting to the left while running. The next time I use the treadmill the belt will center itself at the beginning of the workout (usually a short 0.1 mile walk) and will begin shifting again once I start to run. It seems that the faster the pace the more the belt will move. Lately it has been rubbing against the side rail so it is something that I need to address. I’ve adjusted the belt according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and it always stays dead center without a user. I hate to go crazy with the adjustments since I don’t want to over/under tighten the belt too much. Other than this belt problem the machine has no other issues and runs flawlessly. Belt appears to be in good condition with lots of tread and no seam issues. Thanks in advance.

      You might try flipping the belt so the old left is on the right and vice versa. IF the belt allows for movement in that direction (some are directional). This will require partial disassembly, but I'm sure there are youtube how-to videos for belt replacement.

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