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    Hi all, I'm going to be up in NH for the first time in August and will need to run an 18-miler while I'm up there. Does anyone know of any good routes near the Weirs Beach (around Lake Winnipesaukee) area? I found one route but it was associated with an event so I'm not sure what the roads are normally like when they're open to traffic. Thanks in advance to anyone with info! Cherry
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      Hi Cherry, The event you're referring to is probably the Lake Winnipesaukee Relay Race. Each year, my club sends up a large contingent to the race. It's a great experience! I ran legs 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8, but I know the entire route. They are all insanely hilly. If you are strictly looking for routes near Weirs Beach, then leg 2 is your best bet. 3 is not a good idea because a good stretch of it runs along a highway. Those cars go by REAL fast. The only thing I don't like was the camber on the road. Since you're doing a long run, running strictly on the side of the road will definitely mess up your legs. If you're willing to drive a little bit, leg 5 is really good. It runs through residential areas and is quite scenic. I don't know of any other routes so maybe someone else can chime in. Have fun in NH!
        I'll second Leg 2. It's less insanely hilly than most, and lots of it is off the main drag on some nice residential side roads.

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          Thanks so much for the information and the warning about the hills. It sounds like leg 2 of that particular course is the winner.

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            I don't know any routes, but I am jealous. I love that area, it is a beautiful place to run!