Houston Chevron Jingle Bell Run (Read 704 times)

    Ran the Jingle Bell Run on Sunday. I have been running for a little over a year and a half. I have been focused mainly on marathon training, but ran this 5 mile fun run for grins. Any way time was 7:35 miles, 37:55, I was shooting for 8 minute miles, I was running twelve minute miles at this time last year. I am very pleased, with that. I wore a silly hat, and it was windy as all get out. Just a lot of fun. My wife and kids went with me, but went and got Mcdonald's while I ran, did not even get back in time to see me finish. Confused

      Fantastic run and very good improvement over the past year and a half. Keep it going. Another Freddie Fender fan. Wink Now that I'm thinking of it ... Viva the Texas Tornados, Los Super 7, What were you thinking of ..., Wasted days and wasted nights, Until the last teardrop falls. Good stuff. RIP Freddie.

        That looks like a fun run! Congrats on the major improvement from last year! 8 min miles is impressive - that's my goal!

        Prince of Fatness

          Nice work! I ran in a Christmas race recently, too, but it wasn't quite singlet weather. I'm just a little jealous.