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    Ok, so I just started running seriously again after 4 years of not doing much. I've started off slow, only 1mi-1.5mi at a time at a decent pace, for a little over a week now. I also, um, well get rid of waste before each run. However, after every effort I always wind up in the bathroom for like 15 minutes doubling over from stomach pain and wanting to vomit. I realize that the abdominal pain is probably gas, but DAMN, it hurts like hell. Could it be something else? I remember in high school having similar experiences, but not this often and not nearly this painful. Also, I'm no health nut or anything, but my nutrition is pretty decent. So I guess I just wanted to throw all this out there to see what you guys think. I want to increase my miles, but by the end of the short runs that I've been going on, I feel the pain and nausea. So I'm feeling a little apprehensive about going farther from home.

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      sounds like you aren't waiting long enough after you eat to run? also sounds like you are pushing too much. don't use the daily run as a race. it's a training event.
      running until I hit 1900 miles for the year. whether fast or slow I will just run.
        Go see a doctor. Seriously. That ain't right. It's not a bad idea to go see one anyway, if you're starting working out again after a long layover. You may want to make your log public, so people can look at your training when they try to answer your questions. How fast are you running? If you're going from a sedentary lifestyle to pushing 6:00 pace, I guess that might explain it. What is your "decent pace?" Have you tried running really, really easy? Maybe half walking as you get started?
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          Go see a doctor. Seriously. That ain't right. It's not a bad idea to go see one anyway, if you're starting working out again after a long layover.
            Thanks for your guys' input. I have been taking it EXTREMELY easy... like 10-12min/mi pace. I took today off. I will try to wait longer after I eat and if it doesn't get better after another week or so, I'll consider going to the doctor. Thanks again
              I looked at your profile & from your age & photo I'd say you look pretty healthy. I bet you're right & it is gas. Try an OTC product like Mylanta for Gas. At certain times of the month my daughter gets bad gas & nausea. The first time she got it (she's almost 15) she was in so much pain I thought it was her appendix. I called her doctor & she recommended Mylanta. It worked. Fast. You're a nursing student? Ask one of your instructors. Or, just call your doctor & discuss it over the phone.
                I'm kind of shy when it comes to talking to my doctor about anything that isn't life threatening. I'm afraid that when I have a REAL problem he won't take me seriously. So that's why I haven't talked to the doctor yet. And I'm too embarrassed to talk to any of my instructors. Today I stopped and walked for a few minutes, and what do you know? I didn't have any abdominal pain. So maybe I was pushing it too hard. It's just if I go by how far and how fast I'm going... it doesn't seem like I'm pushing myself because I'm going so slow!! It's hard mentally to slow down when you want results NOW, which I realize is unrealistic and I'm going to end up hurting myself. Anyways, thanks again for your guys' support. I don't really have anyone I can talk to about running without them rolling thier eyes or being just plain NOT interested.
                  Hi, Ashley. Most doctors that I've met have a genuine desire to help people, and as a whole they would prefer you come and talk to them about non-"life-threatening" stuf rather than waiting until you think there *is* a "life-threatening" problem. It's important to build up a good relationship with your doctor - you don't need to be at death's door before they can help you! Oftentimes problems can be avoided or minimized if they're caught early... another good reason not to wait! That said, your latest post makes it sound like indeed it was a case of you trying to do too much too fast - probably THE most common running mistake. Running should not be an experience in pain, especially when you're starting out. Really truly. So if it is, something's wrong. Many people successfully start out their running with a combination of running and walking. It's a good way to go. Easier on the body. Don't judge how hard you're pushing yourself by how fast you're going. Instead, listen to your body. How's the breathing? Can you talk or are you huffing and puffing? Is anything hurting? You should be shooting for an effort level where you can still carry on a conversation while you're running. If you can't, that's too fast. Slow down. If something's hurting, slow down. Walk. Take a break. If it doesn't stop hurting, investigate further. If it starts hurting again as soon as you start running, investigate further. How fast you're able to go at this effort level will improve with time and consistancy. Really truly. Be patient with yourself - you're worth the wait!

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