A spot for race reports? (Read 290 times)


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    One of the coolest things about RWOL was the tradition of posting race reports so people could tell about their race, brag a bit, ask for advice as to what they could do differently, etc. I noticed that RA doesn't seem to have that tradition, so some of us from RWOL have been posting them on our group. However, some folks on RA mentioned that they checked out the race reports on RWOL from time to time, so I wondered if there might be interest in having a spot dedicated to those here on RA?


    Thanks for giving us a new home after Pluck pooped in our old one!

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      Historically, for the general forums ares, RR have been posted in the Racing section.  ("Talk about upcoming races, race preparations, and race reports")


      Over time, most the race reports happen in the user groups specific to the runner's interest. Not that that is good, just an observation.

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        I love reading race reports, and it was the primary reason I visited RWOL.  It would be great if more people posted them in the Racing section here at RunningAhead!


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          Okay, I'll go post mine from tonight in the "racing" section then. I guess I missed the part about race reports when I browsed over the forums. I already posted it in the RWOL group, but I'd much rather be a part of THIS community too. Smile

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            Just a suggestion also is that most people I follow put their race reports in their log (and make them public).  The public log is one of the most useful and information-sharing part of RA. 


              In the log is a great idea and easy to see when people had a race. Is it possible to put race photos in there by the comments for the race ? Eric ?