Warm-up/Cool-down (Read 586 times)

    Eric, this is a great site you've put together. Has anyone ever suggested being able to include warm-ups/cool-downs within a workout? You obviously can just input them separately, but it's nice to be able to keep everything together. Thanks and keep up the great work!
      I was just thinking about this myself recently - I love this idea! Kimmer
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        You can already do this, sorta... When you go to put in a run entry, see the blue bar that's labled "Intervals"? Click on the little down-arrow symbol on the right side and you get a menu for putting in intervals. You can put these in as intervals within the workout. Unfortunately, it then adds all together for your workout time/pace/distance, but at least when you go back and look at the details of a particular workout it's there for you.

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          This request comes up every so often (there are several threads on this). The cheezy solution is to allow you to enter the warm up and cool down in the same form, and then saves them out as separate runs. It's cheezy because this method loses the implied workout set (that the three runs are done together). The alternative is to keep that information around, but that's another can of worms, particularly with generating the statistics. The problem is exactly as how Wingz described it. When I figure all this stuff out, I'll add it. eric Smile
            You can always note warmup/cooldown in the notes section. I usually use warmup+run+cooldown for the time blank, then list individual warmup, run, cooldown times in the notes, with accompanying mileage for each.