Back on the bike after 12 yrs--first injury in 12 yrs! (Read 553 times)

    Well, after 34 yrs of running and over 71,400 miles run I developed AT. Had a very small wart removed from my foot in late Feb. I was amazed how much It hurt to walk on it. Well, being the runaholic I am, I didn't run for several days and then started "gimp running". You would think I would be a little smarter. After several weeks I began to notice a pain near my Achilles--after I ran. Ignored it. More 50 mile weeks and several races. More brilliance. I guess running the last 12 yrs and over 25,000 miles w/o an injury, I thought I was indestructable. NOT. I began to notice some swelling and decided to cut back--from 50 mile weeks to 35 or so. It got worse. Go figure. Had an MRI and awaiting results. Stopped running 9 days ago--who is counting? Decided to get back on my bike 3 weeks ago. Had my old hybrid shaped up. Foolishly rode a new Trek 7.3 hybrid and bought it the same day.


    I have logged a little over 600 miles in just over 3 weeks of riding. The sickness continues. Did a 67 miler today. (I will be 67 in a couple of months). I am amazed that I have acclimated to the bike so easily. One great thing about biking--you can coast.


    I share this to advise you that even experienced runners over do it sometimes. I have coached 100's of runners over the years and advise that when hurting --REST. Couldn't follow my own advice. I am paying for it. I miss my running--but the biking is fun. Not sure why I stopped riding 12 yrs ago. Probably because after my Plantar F. healed I just got back to running.


    Thanks for letting me share. Nick

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      Sorry to hear that you're hurt Nick, I guess a lot of us would have done the same thing - but glad to hear you're enjoying being back on the bike! Maybe when you get back to running you can take up duathlon!

      Ex runner