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    Big grin Big grin Big grin What a great day! I just blew over 3 minutes off my PR for the 5K, with a very respectable finish (for me) of 36:04!!! The course was flat, the weather was 10 degrees cooler than it has been, I was rested, everything was perfect! Ahh, life is good! Hey, and I almost placed in my age group! LOL! I got 4th (out of 5), which is the closest to placing in age group yet for me. I was only 2 minutes behind the gal in front of me... By this time next year I may actually place (age-group) in a race!!! Wouldn't that be cool... Cool Do you have a brag you want to share? Let's hear it! Janell

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      Well done! A 3 minute PR for the 5K is fantastic. This is not bragging--this is just a recitation of fact, and we do want to hear what you did. Congratulations again! BTW--what race was it?
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        That would be the Goldsboro 5K in Goldsboro, NC. I think the race director said they were going to try to do this again in October if you're interested (nice, flat, fast course...). They were hosting a sprint-tri at the same time... Quite a feat of managerial coordination, IMO. edited to add: That's one thing I've been able to enjoy about starting out so slow (first 5K this year was 44:09!) - there's LOTS of room for improvements and lots of times to beat my PR before I plateau out! It's so much FUN beating your record... Big grin

        Roads were made for journeys...

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          WTG, girl! Sounds like an awesome day! I hope my next race is so good! Big grin k

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