Sort courses by distance? (Read 553 times)

    Hey, Eric. Smile Know how we can sort our workouts by date/event/course/type/distance/time/pace? It would be nice if we could also sort our courses by distance in that same way. Sometimes I'm just browsing through my different courses (okay, I have a lot. I like variety!), trying to pick out a run for the day... and say I want to run 4 miles... if we could sort them by distance it would be easy to pick out all the courses that are 4 miles. Not a biggie, just a little bonus feature. You know I love this site. Big grin

    Roads were made for journeys...

      Hey Janell, It's been requested before, and it's been tagged as to be added. The current plan is to add it along with other reporting related changes. eric Smile
        Cool, thanks. I forgot. Blush

        Roads were made for journeys...

          One thing I do to help with this, is I put the distance as the first part of the name - for example "5 K river to park and back" would be the name. Then when I get my drop down menu, all my five k routes are together.