Importing Activities to RA (Read 42 times)


    I want to import many running activities to RA.


    Is there a way I can import a "Batch" of Running activities (in KML or GPX to RA?


      The data importer allows you to select multiple files (they will all have to be the same extension).

      1600 - 5:23 (2018), 5k - 19:33 (2018), 10k - 45:24 (2017), half - 1:38:57 (2018), Mary - 3:37:17 (2018)

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        Yes.  Training Log > Tools > Import Training Data to RunningAhead

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          I was hoping a way of directly importing past activities from other aps like Garmin connect or Mapmy run.

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            A direct extract from your Garmin Connect account history to your Runningahead log is not available. I note history just to clarify that being distinct from the integration which is available for new workouts uploaded from a Garmin device to synch from Connect to RA.


            However you can pull in your history from Garmin Connect -- it does require that you do some (relatively easy) data transfers. In general terms the steps are:


            1. Extract your activity history as CSV from Garmin Connect per Garmin's instructions (link)

            2. Using your preferred spreadsheet app (or equivalent), arrange the Garmin Connect CSV data into the columns which match the RA log

            3. Import into RA via Log > Tools > Import

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