Memebase does the marathon (Read 756 times)

Princess Cancer Pants

    '17 Goals:

    • Chemo

    • Chemo-Radiation

    • Surgery

    • Return to kicking my own ass by 2018


    She was not strong. She was valiant. Radiant. Brave and broken. The beauty she discovered in the aftermath was unparalleled to anything she had known before, because it had come at such a cost.

    ~ Unknown

      I feel like I just got rick rolled.


        Well, I suppose he gets full marks for dedication ... maybe not so high for artistic merit.  

          Why did I look closely? Why? Why/? WHY?! 


          Gotta Flee Em All

            What is memebase?

            For real.

            Whatever. This is better than an old old recycled marathon mud pic.

              That's an oldie.  And he was running a half marathon.  But, hey, to the average person that's pretty much the same thing.  Poor bastard.

              Runners run.


                Yeah, that picture is almost older than me.  It gets whipped out a lot on the runners world message boards.




                "Memebase does the marathon".


                I honestly thought this was going to be a thread about an Ethiopian 10k runner named Memebase (Meh-mah-BAH-say) running in the marathon in the Olympics or something.