Chicago bound (Read 1001 times)


    Locked & loaded.  Shooting for 3:40.  Providence RI this Spring will be provide me with feedback on where my training is/and or needs to be for Fall!  Anyone else planning of the Windy city?


    The Runner Life

      I'm in! First attempt at the 26.2

        Good luck! Providence is a lot more hilly than Chicago, I'm sure if you do well there, you'll be on the right track for Chicago.


          It's going to be my first marathon too. I signed up about 4 minutes after registration opened.

          Am I doing this right?

            Have a great time, and enjoy it.  Chicago was my first and only (last year).  I truly hope the weather is nice for you.  Last year was WAY too hot for me.


            Not an excuse, just took away a little from my enjoyment of the experience.


            You'll have a blast.

            No excuses....

              Good luck, Kelly. I know Philly didn't go as well as you had hoped, so success at Chicago will be sweet. 

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                The race just sent out an email that race registration has closed.

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                  Almost as quickly as Monkey ~  


                  The race just sent out an email that race registration has closed.

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                    I'm local and ran 5 of the Chicago marathons in the last 7 years.   3/5 ended in temps above the 80's.  Do heat training.  That said, it is a nice course and fan support last time was pretty good.


                    Seriously though, last year got warm but it was really pretty manageable. 


                      Yup! I've run several marathons in heat ... tough but manageable.  I feel more prepared from Summer training for a Fall marathon then Winter training to 80 degree Boston course (which I ran twice in that kind of heat) & last year VT got quite warm as well.  We shall see!


                      The Runner Life

                        is anyone else running Chicago?  what are all of your goals for it?  hopefully it stays cool this year!

                          I'm running it. Starting in Corral B. Hoping to beat my 3:35 PR, or at least my last Chicago time of 3:42. I ran it last in 2006. The weather was nearly perfect for racing, if a bit on the cool/damp side for spectators.


                          Starting my Pfitz 18/55-60 program next week.


                          Let's hope for a nice cool day! The last two years I've done Milwaukee Lakefront, usually the week after Chicago but the same day this year. It was nice and cool in Milwaukee both years.


                          Good luck to you!

                          The Runner Life

                            great, good luck to you too!  I'll be in corral A I believe, hopefully I'll get some of them to pull me through to a quick time