Favorite/Best Marathon Suggestions?! :-) (Read 928 times)

    Okay, so, as you know, I just ran my first marathon, Charlotte's Thunder Road, this December. I LOVED it! Very organized, small field (841 finishers), great course support, very hilly, great scenery, hotels very close to start and finish, great city...will do again! But, I am now in need of a new goal...and am asking for suggestions from my RA fellow marathoners. Where should I run next? My core group of friends has done Disney, Chicago, Gasparilla...etc...we are discussing doing the inaugural (sp?) Georgia Marathon in March...but, are open to suggestions. So, tell me and the RA community...where should we marathon next!?!? Cheers!
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      I really loved my first HM at the Grand Rapids, MI marathon. It's small with only about 2k runners (it's only 3 years old), but a beautiful course and a really fun atmosphere. I can't wait to do it again next year! k

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        Since you've done a small field marathon, I say pick a big one for your next - Chicago, NY, Marine Corps, etc. Or pick one that has some unique aspect to it (Detroit has the only "underwater mile" in a marathon). Whatever you choose, I hope you find it rewarding!

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          I've got two Marathons under my belt: Hartford, CT 2004 and Philadelphia 2005. Both were fun, I think I liked Phili better. However, I'm running the Disney World Marathon in one week and heard that it's a great race, I'll write again to report on it. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
            The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon. But then again, I am biased. Big grin
            Yeah, nice run. But I've heard sketchy things about the race director. Tongue
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              The ING New York City Marathon

                  I ran the Maine Marathon in Portland. It was wonderful.
                    MarineCorps is a nicely done (and big) race, lovely scenery Smile
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                      Deadwood does sound great...thinking of doing it.

                        Deadwood does sound great...thinking of doing it.
                        That's on my list too. I love the Black Hills of SD. Must be a tough one, though, at that elevation and with those hills! Tongue

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                          Pikes Peak.
                            I have run two NYC Marathons, it is a wonderful race but hard to get into. Big Sur is very challenging and scenic http://www.bsim.org/frame.html

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                              The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon.
                              Just to reiterate Wink Registration opens August 1. It may close that day too...