Public Access to My Log (Read 512 times)

    I currently have my log open to only my group members, but want to open it up to the public so I can link to it from another site and allow friends/family to see my mileage and progress. However, I don't want to make all my maps and the gruesome details of my runs open at the same time. It would be great if I could only make my summary page (and calendar page?) public for the best of both worlds. This seems like a relatively easy addition...?
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      Having your log public doesn't automatically make all your maps public.  You have the option on each map of making it private.  And you can set "private" as your default for new maps.  However, if you make your log public than yes all the details of each workout like time, distance, and whatever notes you put in it, will indeed show up.

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        I've asked this same question before hoping that I could just make my summary page public and keep the workout log private.  Apparently it isn't as easy as you might think. :-)

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