What kind of doctor for plantar warts? (Read 118 times)

    I have what I am pretty sure are plantar warts on the bottoms of both my feet.  (My feet are just taking a beating this year.)  After home treatment, including the freeze away stuff, they are still giving me trouble.  I am planning to call a doctor today and was thinking podiatrist initially, then I thought a dermatologist might be a better choice.  I think my family doctor would just do what I have already done.  Google has produced mixed opinion, so I wanted to know what runners think.  Suggestions appreciated.  Thanks!

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          I had success with a podiatrist. Had plantar warts on three areas on my foot, one that I had let go way too long, and was pretty large. Doc used an acid that caused a localized burn on wart. It took 4 visits total, every two weeks if I remember correctly. Easily the worst part of that route of treatment was the pain. The area of the burn would be extremely painful an hour after the treatment, and remain very sore for about two days. I wasn't running at the time, and I would not have been able to run for 2 or 3 days after each treatment.


            I had to go to a surgeon but that was for a regular wart on the forehead.  You're most likely right about the family doc just doing what you did. That was my experience.


            Not sure if a podiatrist might be a better option since it's on the foot.  You could always call their offices and ask if they want to see you.

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              Podiatrists and Family physicians most commonly. Before scheduling, ask if they treat plantar warts. Cryotherapy works great. Check some you-tube videos. Also salicylic acid or TCA are commonly used agents. Not all practitioners will offer all therapies.

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                  My personal experience: I had one on the ball of my right foot. It was kind of annoying, and a little painful when pressure was applied (e.g. when walking barefoot on a hard surface). But not really noticeable when wearing shoes, including when running. I tried every home remedy in the books; some seemed to help a bit, but only temporarily - it would always come back. Google convinced me that seeing a doctor would not significantly increase the probability of success. Warts are caused by a virus - you can dissolve them in acid, burn them off with a laser, or freeze them, but you still have the virus. Eventually I gave up doing anything and just let it be. And it went away on its own. But it took probably ~2 years (including the time I was treating it). I think it is not unusual for these bastards to hang around a very long time. So if it's not preventing you from doing anything, you might just leave it alone. But you might get lucky with one of the treatments, clearly some do.


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                    I treat them. Usually with liquid nitrogen, which is easy enough for most any doc who wants to maintain the equipment. Happy to treat you, but chances are good you don't live anywhere near me.


                    So yeah, really, any doc who manages warts.


                    You can also treat them with duct tape, for real.



                      You can also treat them with duct tape, for real.


                      Yup, I tried that one too. Had about the same (minimal/temporary) effect as the over-the-counter wart remover. But at least cheaper.


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                        Need to do it for upward of 6 months, or repeat if the warts recur.


                        Of note, no matter the treatment, warts may recur.

                          Thanks all for the suggestions and input.  Seeing my family doctor in a couple days and will go from there.  I had high hopes for the freeze away stuff, but the buggers are stubborn.  I wear flip-flops in the shower at the gym, but I guess if it's gonna get you, it's gonna get you.


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                          Thanks again, everyone.

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                              I work for a dermatology group and they all treat plantar warts.