What's on your RoadID? (Read 1145 times)

    So, to be more specific- if you're allergic to a med that probably won't be a factor in am emergency situation, the best bet is just to skip the NKA or allergic to line altogether?



        I have been trying to come up with an "I'm incapacitated and can't talk" scenario where "my goodness, I'm glad this says he has a low heart rate" comes into play.  After a lot of threads like this one, THIS one is the first time I've seen it discussed.  Interesting.  Seems to me that if you are out of it, a heart rate in the 40s/50s either isn't going to be the case (as mentioned by a couple) or is, but is going to get ignored because given everything goofed, that's like not an issue.  But I could be totally wrong.  Interesting, sincerely.

        After an easy 10-mile run, my HR will drop to ~80 within two minutes.  My resting HR is in the low 30s.  And yes, it sets off the hospital's HRM every time I've been hooked up.


        I was told by physicians that "low HR" meant, to them, something in the 50s.  If I was brought in and my pulse was in the 30s, they'd treat me for bradycardia.  If 'm brought in and it's ~70, they'll think that's normal ... when it's actually elevated ~25-35 bpm (e.g. from internal bleeding).  So I list it.

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          So, to be more specific- if you're allergic to a med that probably won't be a factor in am emergency situation, the best bet is just to skip the NKA or allergic to line altogether?


          I also have a sulfa allergy - but I don't list that or that I have any allergy (it's my only one).    No one's ever tried to give it to me since I was in my teens, so I think it's a low risk kinda thing.  And definitely low in an emergency situation.  (besides, it just gives me hives.)


          Red, RoadID slim that I wear 24/7


          Mine is Name/birth year

          Emergency contacts 1, 2 and 3 


          That's pretty much it.


          I knocked myself out on a bike accident and had a concussion with some temporary amnesia, and I pointed to my RoadID when a nice bystander asked if they should call my husband (after they called 9-11!).



            I actually just ordered mine yesterday. Name/ DOB Wife's name and number NKA Who says you can't Run from your problems

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              I just ordered one, too.  I won a gift certificate for one.  It has my name, city and state of residence, husband and parents' emergency numbers, NKA, and date of birth.

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                Town, State

                Wife's Cell #

                Home Phone #

                Sulfa Allergy

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                I love the Velcro wristband. Mine seems to permanently smell like sunscreen.

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                  I have heard that some will get the wrist RoadID and use it as their Garmin watch band so they won't forget to take it with you.  The only issue is that they might see the watch and not realize it has your personal information on it.


                  When I take off my Garmin and RoadID, I buckle the Garmin through the RoadID band so the two are looped together all the time when they are not on me.  It has worked thus far in helping me to remember the RoadID.


                  To answer the original question, mine is:


                  name/year of birth

                  town/state/country (not that I've ever run outside the country, but whatever)

                  husband name/cell number

                  mom name/home number (my mom lives halfway across the country, but there is really no one near me worth calling other than my husband, and at least my mom can answer medical questions)

                  no PCN (penicillin allergy)

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                    I have my name/birth year


                    Hubby phone

                    Parents' phone


                    My quote, subtle hint, is on the last line...it reads "never give up" lol

                      I'm revisiting this thread because I was given a gift certificate for a RoadID.  So, as I prepare to order mine, a couple of thing have intrigued me:


                      No one has mentioned including their street address.  Is that not helpful?  TMI?  A security risk?  Maybe so.

                      No one has mentioned including the name/number of their primary care physician?  Wouldn't that be helpful?

                      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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                        Pretty simple stuff:




                        City, State

                        Wife's cell/ and our home phone

                        no known allergies.


                        I call it my "ship body to" wrist band.


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                          Road ID's note about adding your address:


                          If you need room to list other important information on your Road ID, you can easily omit your Address - it's just not that important. Why? In the event of an accident, your Name and Emergency Phone Numbers are going to supply the first responders with the majority of the information they need. If, for some reason, the authorities need to locate your home address, they will be able to easily find it with your Name, City and State - all of which should be on your ID. If, however, you want to list your street address, please feel free to do so.


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                          30k -   3:05:54   9/12      26.2 -  5:00:27 10/12

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                            I've had my ankle Road ID for 2 years; and cut about an inch or so off the band so it fits my wrist or my ankle.


                            I use all 6 lines for info:


                            1- name/year of birth

                            2- city/state/USA

                            3- spouse's 1st name/phone

                            4- daughter & SIL 1st names/phone

                            5- blood type/NKA/low pulse

                            6- health insurance policy number (ie; CHP0003423567)/phone


                            Street address - EMS or hospital can get it from my listed contacts or insurance provider if needed.

                            Doctor's name/number - (same as above)

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                              I did get one over the holidays.  I have



                              husband's cell

                              in-laws' cell

                              "Miles to go before I sleep"


                              levitation specialist

                                Home address? Well, I guess I think "Why?" A Cop showing up to tell my hubby I am hurt would probably freak him out more than a call from the hospital staff. I don't really see a need for it when you have phones and names.


                                Physician? I don't have any meds or conditions that require my DR to see me very often(like 4 years ago.....maybe....was my last visit?), so I don't think he would have any big info to share with them. Now if I had a chronic condition or something of that nature, then yes, I would include it.


                                My ID says:


                                birthdate. Bloodtype(is rare and can't be cross typed)

                                home phone

                                alternative contact phone

                                my personal motivational saying