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    Ooh, Justin, promise you will post your dissertation when you're done (heck, I think that would make a great topic on the Off Topic board--dissertations). I'm personally interested, as my brother seems to be a bit of a "natural" at running, while I work my butt off (ok, not literally, as there is still WAY more of it back there than there should be) and am not even "average." He and I also are of very different body types and take after different parts of the family, so it's fascinating to me how different the inherent athletic abilities of siblings can be. k

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      Jdub...Toledo, OH? Me too...in fact I'm one of your HS teammates! Shocked Shocked Shocked Wild! Glad you're back into things. Let me know if you want to get together to run sometime! You can contact me on myspace (link is on my profile), or tell Iott. He knows how to get ahold of me. Later man!

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        *cues Twilight Zone music* Big grin k

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          Hi everybody, I'm a displaced Pittsburgher currently living in the Boston 'burbs. As with many others here, I've been using the site for a few months now and only recently started posting to the forums. Back in high school, I used to run as cross-training for swimming, and then I ran some in college. Unfortunately, I didn't keep it up once I finished undergrad. After a few short-lived tries at getting back into it over the past few years, I finally started running for real again last March. By the end of the Summer, I had done a 21:26 5k, and I'm looking to do more of them this year. My goal is to break 20:00 this year. I originally started thinking about better ways of logging my running last Summer, and was unhappy with what I found at other sites. I wanted a little more than Excel, so I started thinking about writing my own site... then, lo and behold, I found this site! Eric has really done a wonderful job with this site. I work with a bunch of people who run, and I've recommended this site to all of them. Happy trails, Josh

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            Hiya Josh!
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              Hi to all! Smile Even though I've posted a few times, I'm pretty new here! My husband, my 7 & 4 yr old sons and I live on the west side of Michigan near the lake and the dunes! The gorgeous scenery here itself is motivation enough to get out the door and move!! Lots of places to run too! Long ago (~18 yrs...*ack!*) I ran regularly but somehow running took a back seat to all of life's other distractions. I'll spare the excuses! Now, though, I stay at home, hubby has a flexible schedule, and our little one is finally in school, so we're able to actually go out together! Ontop of that, we have awesome trails right out our door. We've vowed to not let that go to waste! It's practically like we've been given the perfect set of circumstances, so how could we NOT take advantage!? We're very fortunate. It's pretty cool now, too, that this time around I have an ocassional little running buddy- my 7 yr old! My goal for the spring for myself is to do a 5k and I hope to get him into a race or two as well! His enthusiasm is contagious! Speaking of, even though I haven't posted a lot yet, I've read a lot, and the information and enthusiasm here are reallly motivationing! I'm glad to have been pointed in this site's direction (thanks again to zoom zoom!). I'm really looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you!!
                Wow! Thanks for the welcome. Looks like I have some friends already on here...that's exciting. Just to clarify my dissertation priority...I really really want to get the hell out of that lab. June is my goal, but if I can bust my hump and be out by April or May...WHOOOHOOO! Well, I don't think anyone would want to read 200 pages of dribble about genetic models of exercise capacity, so I'll find a way to post a link to the article. For now I can say that it is a lot more complicated than originally thought. Phil! Awesome to see that you're getting back into running. I've heard about you and your brother tearing up the roads with team Saturn. We should get together for a run sometime. I'll get ahold of you when things settle down a bit. Take care all! J
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                  Hello, I'm John and I'm from the Boston area and I'm also new to this site. I've been running for the past 4 years or so. I had put on a bunch of weight during and after college and I really wanted to do something about it, so I went outside and starting running. Slowly, but surely, I've continued. I just started logging my runs in a notebook about a month ago after my first 8K race and then I found this site and I moved out of Bedrock and into the World Wide Web. My goals for the year are to reach 1,000 miles, finish grad school, and run a marathon. This is a great site! It's informative and motavational (is that a word when it's not followed by "speaker"???). -John

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                    Hello all, my name is Justin. I live in Toledo, OH...
                    Hey Justin - I know you! You're the guy that dragged my sorry a-- along on the Towpath 1/2 last October! It's good to see another T-town boy on the site (even though we're in adjacent buildings!)
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                      I found this place from a message board at runners world. I clicked on someones running log and ended up here and I really liked the way the running log looks so I started mine here last week. Anyway, I live north of Boston and run because I can. I'm a 44 year old male and run all over the north shore. I run trail and road and a combo of both.

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                        I was turned on to this site by an athlete that I coach. I really enjoyed watching his progress via the log. When a second atlhlete mentioned that she also started posting her training on the site I decided it must be the place to be, so here I am. Of course my plan is to have all of the distance runners from our team at Whitefish High School in Whitefish, Montana join since it's such a great site. Of course the motivation of joining the 2000 mile group may have me biting off more than I can chew, but that's what goals are all about. Bill - distance runner & coach from Montana

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                          Bill, Mark and others, Welcome! I was just scanning a few of the early entries of this thread (started in May of '05) and thinking about how far everyone has come since then. Please post early and often to share your experiences, celebrations, pains, etc. Lynn B

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                            When a second atlhlete mentioned that she also started posting her training on the site I decided it must be the place to be, so here I am.
                            Bill, yes, they are on to something. It's the new myspace. But with graphs, a faster site, and people who influence in positive ways. Welcome.

                              Welcome all newcomers!!! Smile jlynnbobn is right, runners get better here! Hey runchicrun, "It's the new myspace. But with graphs, a faster site, and people who influence in positive ways.". Well put.

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                                Bill, yes, they are on to something. It's the new myspace. But with graphs, a faster site, and people who influence in positive ways. Welcome.
                                But, unlike MySpace, you won't get error messages on a daily basis, hit on by people half and twice your age, SPAM from people with webcams, or a completely clumsy interface. k

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