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    I'm Edith in Miami, a young 58 and training for my 5th marathon, the Kentucky Derby series in my home town of Louisville....Love running in S florida..When it gets into the 50's I get scared! But my normal long run is over the causeway to Key Biscayne watching the sunrise or the city lights going out...and then on to paradise with the beautiful scenery and wildlife...unfortunately, a car tried to run me off the road there recently, but that is a first after a few years...I run to live...and live I will!
      I'm Jeremy, I'm 27 years old, married with young ones. I've been into weightlifting for a very long time, even competed in Powerlifting, and honestly just looking for something different to tackle. I managed a Personal Training company until I quit my job in December to get back into school(major is Education... I'm roughly 2nd year, about to be 3rd)). I'm too big and my blood pressure is too high. I would like to compete in running, as I'm an athlete by nature. I haven't run so much as a mile in years. I'm not in bad shape; as part of my lifting regimen I did 30-45 min cardio daily. My main challenge is that I weigh 225, and after Week 1 of running(this week) I can see that my knees and shins will be taking a pounding until I can get my bodyweight down. Hoping to have some fun... It won't be much more of a time commitment than I have spent in the gym, and I'm certainly no stranger to nutrition. I'll be doing a 5k in May, and I would like to win it, lol. I know it sounds ridiculous, and I may not be able to, but, I'm going to try. Eventually, I would like to run a few marathons! Maybe even this flying Monkey one I keep hearing about as it's about a half an hour from where I live. Cool
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        Welcome Jeremy! Which 5k in May?
          I am a 39 year old danish guy, that took up running last summer, after a break for several years. I did a lot of running in the early 90'ties but then my running buddy got cancer and passed away. But now I am back trying to accomplish my former goal of finishing a Marathon (did a ½ one many years ago) - and of course just enjoying running in itself.
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            Welcome Jeremy! Which 5k in May?
            It's one thats right down the road from my house in the last week of May... I don't know the name or anything.
            I think a little research would show that most of your great implements of death are the result of zombie-eyed daydreams of shoe salesmen. -Al Bundy
              I'm 14, and I run track at my North Shore, MA high school. I plan on running Cross-country next fall, but I didn't this past year so I could get acclimated to life at private school. Now, I am pretty much addicted to track, which is funny because I thought I would hate it. I consider myself pretty bad, but everyone tells me I am actually pretty good (crazy people). We have the best group of freshman I have ever seen in any sport, so it is going to be tough for me to become one of the better runners on the team... but I'm going to get there. I'm also going to win the first event of my short career this spring (I hope). Thanks for reading.
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                Hi All, This is my first post. I'm from MN and 43 years old. I have been running on and off for the last 10 years. The difference between now and the last 8 years - I have found a girlfriend whom I can run with, makes a huge difference. We keep each other on track!! We are running a 1/2 marathon May 10th, in New Prague, MN. I'm excited and nervous. Tomorrow is my longest run ever 11 miles. Ugh, hope no medical intervention is needed!!!!!!!!! Love this site - even though I lurk, it truly inspires me!! Darla MN
                  Hey everyone, Mike, 37 years old as of last week. Currently living in Rapid City SD, originaly from Mass (Go Red Sox!). I am training for my first HM http://www.deadwoodmickelsontrailmarathon.com in June. I've been running off and on for the last 10 years or so and almost ran a HM last year. Got shin splints and fell away from running for a while. This time i'm in it for the long haul. Oh, yeah, ran a 5K today and came in 2nd. Well.... Big grin OK, there were only 25 entrants but I did manage to keep a 7:43 pace, way faster than usual for me. Mikeb4789

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                    2nd sounds good to me . I have been running 19 years and have not managed a third place finish. I need a race with 20 people. WELCOME ABOARD!

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                      Hi everyone, I posted on the off-topic board before about navel piercings and realized I had never introduced myself! My name is Laura. I'm a 22-year-old soon-to-be graduate of the College of William and Mary, and I'll be starting graduate school to continue studying psychology at Columbia University in the fall. I tend to be pretty open when I talk about myself, so here's my background: I struggled with anorexia followed by binge eating disorder for the past two years, and I have been fairly stable for the last few months. My anorexia was mostly exercise-induced, although I did restrict my caloric intake. I am extremely addicted to physical activity and rarely take more than one day off per month. So I guess it's pretty clear that I still have some remnants of an anorexic mentality. My eating habits have improved, however. (Yes, they become extreme in the other direction at first, but that has stopped.) Anyway, I am learning to appreciate my body for its strength. Most of my athletic base was built on elliptical training (sometimes for marathon distances Smile). Last year, I dated a wonderful guy who happened to run marathons very well. We would occasionally go running together, and he told me he thought I had the endurance to be a distance runner. Of course, in February 2007, I became a little overzealous too quickly and strained my IT band. My legs just weren't strong enough to match my aerobic capacity at that time. I was out of commission in terms of running for a while after that and stayed in the gym for most of the rest of the year, running very intermittently. Since last month, I've decided to become serious about running for a number of reasons. First, I have a pretty strict gym routine that I am having trouble breaking, and it takes a good chunk of time out of my day. Running is a lot easier to do in that I can go outside, start running, and run back to where I live. There's no need to take the extra time to walk to the gym. Next, I doubt I can afford a gym membership when I go to grad school, and I need some way to stay fit! Also, running just makes me feel good about myself, like I've accomplished something. Finally, every mile I run is proof to me that I can be healthy and fit without being tied to an elliptical machine or arc trainer in the gym for 1.5-2 hours daily. I have an insane fear that if I give up going to the gym, I'm going to blow up, and I'm trying to up my mileage at a steady pace and increase my days of running (which I alternate with the gym) until I can wean myself from the gym entirely. All right, thanks for bearing with me through all of that! You now know more about me than you needed to know! Any words of wisdom about running and plans for starting speedwork (my next goal) are much appreciated. Hope to become more involved on these forums! ~Laura

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                        I just saw this thread and realized I never properly introduced myself. Big grin I'm Denise, 35 years young. Married with 3 children; 2 boys and a girl in the middle (10,7,5.5). I have not worked since my youngest was a year old. We live in Pennsyltucky amidst the Mennonites and Amish. I have been running on and off since I was 17/18 years old. Never ran in High School, did the whole Cheer thing with some Softball in there as well. It was not until I lived out on my own that I discovered that I love running. Everyone on my mothers side of the family all did Cross Country and have always run. My mother who is 55 years young is also a runner and has done multiple marathons. I never really got serious about running until a couple years ago and I stopped due to knee issues (stupid mistakes Roll eyesrunning to much too soon to fast yadda, yadda) I decided last August that I was gonna start running again seriously and with my Orthopedists okay, I started by running just one mile a day for a week and slowly added on from there. It nearly killed me to go that slow and to do that little. However, I have no regrets. I had a small set back in February, went back to P.T. and have been fine since then.. I ran my first race last month and am set to do some more this year.

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                          I'm 33 (soon to be 34 in July) and have three kiddos as well. In August I'll have been married 13 years. Big grin I have an 8 (today in fact!) year old daugher, one 6 yr old son, and a 2.5 year old son as well. I stopped working just before my oldest was born. Sure I get my down time, but I miss the working world. You will find that I'm kind of a lengthy typer, as am I a speaker, I'll try to keep that in check...kind-of. I'm from and live in WA state. My athletic history: I played basketball from 4th grade to my freshman year of college. Played tons of volleyball, and softball in my youth, tennis, and just took up skiing last year. I'm totally overweight, but am tall and althletic, so I can pull it off. I really aim to loose weight along with running. I have not seen the scale be under 200 for over 20+ years (I'm 6 feet tall). I don't even knwo what I would look like..sad huh? I started running about 5 years ago. Nothing fancy, just 5K races for fun. I was on a weight loss journey, but then I got sidetracked with pregnancy and here I am back again, starting out at square one. I have been enjoying my running way more this time around. I do have chronic PF which has been a challenge, but I know all the "tricks" to keep it at a minimum amout of pain. Running hasn't made it worse, so I'm just going to keep on running. In fact running has made it feel better overall. My short term goals with running are as follows: 1) Keep running 5K's. They are just FUN! 2) Run a 10K mid-August this year. But not to just "finish". To really do MY best. 3) Build a milage base so I can start trainig for a HM with a good foundation. Not sure if I want to do a marathon, but I've been reading about them. Wink I'm thinking the Disney 1/2 or whole for summer 2009. I really hope to get to know you all better. The advice here is sound, and there are some mighty funny people here on the board. And huge props to Eric for keeping this forum up. It's very user friendly! Now if we just had a spell check my life here would be complete. Blush

                            Hey all- I'm Stephanie a 21 yr old female and I live in NY (state not the city). I bump from city to city lots as I'm in college so I go from home to school often, and I have clinicals (meaning I get to live in other random cities in order to continue my education). I've been running since 8th grade, - all 3 seasons of x-c/track. I got injured badly in the last year and decided that I needed a running log to make sure I wasn't over training, which led me here in January - but it seriously took me 3 months before I started putting stuff in consistently. My long term goal is a marathon (as I've never been fast but I always like long runs - like 10 mile long runs specifically), though at the moment with the injury I'm still working back into the really long runs. I'm running my second 15K this year (my first one I got railroaded into by my friend), and I didn't train specifically for it other than normal summer running - so I'm hoping to be greatly improved this time around. Steph
                              Hey i'm Logan and I live in a city called Temecula in California. I am an 8th grader and I love baseball. I don't get very many runs in because of baseball and my mom is paranoid. She dosn't let me go on runs outside of my neighborhood and my neighborhood is small (2.1 mile run is the longest). I get my 1 lap in during school which is 0.33 miles. and we have 1 run day every week usually a mile (pr 7:45). and that's that.

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                                Hi, my name is Meg, I am currently a jr in college in pittsburgh. I'm in army rotc and plan to spend the next 8 years in active duty. I also struggle with an ed, and my running really really helps me cope with it. I initially started running to help with the 2 mile pt test and then figured what the heck why not continue. I started running 5 miles a day now, and really really would love to run a marathon sometime in the future (I know, a long way off Smile) I also love to ride horses, primarily event, but had to just sell my best horse because of my commitment to the army and I just don't have the time. I can't wait to start running again (just had my wisdom teeth out on monday)!