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    Hi, Daniel here, just started running about a month ago and am loving every single km I do, feeling much better and I've improved my diet to maximize the results. No goals for me yet but I'm looking at a 10k in the near future. Running has deep roots through my family as 2 of my siblings have participated in marathons and my father along with my uncles all ran competitively at some point. I look forward to utilizing this websites and all the tools it has.
      Hi I'm Kevin, 34, live in York County, PA. New to RA, not to running. Initially hit RA because I could measure my training courses and a couple good topics on the forum. I ran competitively through high school and into my junior year of college before I dropped it for a few years all together. Then I picked it back up usually 10-20 miles per week until this January when I decided to step it up in 2009 partly as a demonstration to my wife who is trying to get into shape...now she's mad because I've dropped 12 pounds since New Year's and she's only lost 4. I play ice hockey as well, which I picked up after I quit running in college. For '09 I'd like to run steadily without injury and get my mileage up into the 30's to 40 per week (that's about all I have time for now) without burnout. That will probably drop my weight down another 10 pounds into the mid 180's, which would definitely help me be faster on skates. If I run a 5K it would be nice to get my time back under 18:45 (sub 6:00 pace) but I'm not worried too much about racing - did so much of that before. I did some coaching and have a lot of background in distance running, I'll be happy to help anyone out with questions on training.

        Hello everyone, My name is Travis and I live in St. Augustine, Florida near Jacksonville. I am Midwest transplant originally from Indiana. I love living in Florida because I can comfortably run every day of the year and the winters here are awesome. My wife and I started running together about 1 1/2 years ago to stay fit. Running has become my devotional time. I used to try to get up early everyday and pray and read my Bible before work and now I kill two birds with one stone by praying while running and I listen to the Bible on my Zune. It is an awesome feeling to be able to get exercise while communing with God and enjoying His beautiful creation. I recently just ran my first Half in 1:54:51 on Thanksgiving Day. I am now training for my first marathon which will be Feb. 15th. I am running the 2nd annual "26.2 with Donna" in Jacksonville, which they say is the only Breast Cancer awareness marathon in the nation. I hope to finish it in under 4:00:00. I wish all of you the very best as you pursue your running goals in 2009! Thanks, Travis
        You also can read a short devotion before running and chew on it for the run ... After about 30 minutes the "Noise" seems to leave my head and things make a little more sense. You can not beat the sunrise for given your spirit hope and joy for the new day!

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          I'm Henry. I had run the Marine Corp Marathon in 2000 just to see if I could do it but I didn't run again until May of 2008. I'll be 39 next month and as you can see by my log I'm no hard-core runner by any means. But I certainly feel better getting out there a few times a week. I haven't run any races since I started up again, but I'd like to try a few eventually.


            Richard, age 45, ... just joined the site. I'm located in Northern Virginia west of Washington DC, very close to the W&OD Trail http://www.wodfriends.org/trail.html, a 'linear park' 45 miles long and 100 feet wide. This provides a wonderful resource for running on a 'knee-friendly' trail surface rather than asphalt, avoiding traffic, and having a more interesting undulating surface through what feels like the countryside rather than suburbia. Having played a lot of very competitive sport in my second and third decades, I haven't done any serious exercise for about ten years - just the infrequent 'jog'. I decided to have a goal of getting out a minimum of five times per week, and follow a 5k training program (once I've got a little base) to make the running interesting, and have a mix of endurance and speed. Having a training log should help keep me on track as I'm wired that way. Smile I'm not a believer in setting a specific mileage goal to motivate me, more following the dictates of a 5k program with the mix of easy, speed, endurance and strength elements. But if I get out and follow the program I have in mind I'll cover an average of 25 - 30 miles per week, or about 1250 - 1500 for the year, maybe more. Edited for length.
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              I'm Robert from Poplar Bluff, Mo...I just recently found this site and love it but not nearly as much as the run bug I seem to have. I have run before but not in a long time with any consistency. So on March 16th I laced them up and started again w/2 miles a day and I am up to my 5K already. Feeling great thus far and have to make myself take time off!! I registered last night for my first 5K in April and another one in May!!! Can't wait to see how I do even if only for myself!
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                Hi, I'm Jaime, 32, from Florida. I have been on RA for about a month, but have been running much longer. I have not been running well the last few weeks. I've been slow and my focus is shot. I ran the hardest "easy" run ever yesterday. I finally had to break down and walk...a lot. It was 5 miles of torture. It seems to be that way in spurts. Instead of running today I built my son a toy box. I will run tomorrow morning. If it does not go well, I will hide the rest of the day inside the toy box.

                You'll ruin your knees!

                  Welcome Robert and Jamie! This is a fantastic tool to help you with your running and the forums are generally a great resource to share your experience and to learn from others. Keep us posted on your comeback progress, Robert! Jamie, those hard "easy" runs (read, crap runs) are what make the good ones soooo good! Keep it up! Lynn B

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                    hi i am a high school Cross country and track runner, i've been running for about one year,when i first started running i could barely run one lap on a track now i'm at a 8 minute mile (i know still bad)

                      hey mcrunner im on high school cross country and track too. what events are you doing in track?
                        Hi everyone. My name is Mealinda(Me-uh-linda) and I've been using runningahead sporatically for a couple of years now. I only recently became a runner though. A good friend asked me to train with her for a 15k and off I went and haven't looked back since(officially a year ago as I just completed my second round of said 15k and took 7 minutes off last year's). I live in Colorado and am getting myself a Sea Level is for Sissies shirt at this year's BolderBoulder. I absolutely love running at sea level as it boosts my confidence quite a bit. Of course then I come back to altitude and remember how it really feels. But I love it! Love it, love it, love it! Did I mention I now love running?! Of course, I log my swims and bikes here, too. I love to run in the mountains, though I've found I haven't gotten there lately. We had a blizzard a week ago and I'm a wuss(from FL). I have run in 5 degree weather and had my eyelashes frozen with mist, but I still prefer a nice 50 degree day. Anyhow, my goal is to log every workout every day from now on. My logged mileage is significantly lower than my actual milieage and I hope to change that. Happy trails!

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                          I'm Josh and I'm a drama teacher in Asheville, NC. I'm working to drop some pounds and get back onto the stage as an actor. In order to look my best I have to drop about 30 pounds and I love to run.Cool

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                            I'm Stephanie, I live in Pittsburgh and just started a little over a year ago. I am getting ready to run my first half marathon this coming Sunday in Pittsburgh. My goal is to just finish the race. Wish me luck!! Big grin

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                              Woohoo! Good luck, Stephanie! And congrats on what looks like a great start to your running. I hope you have great weather, a great course, and have a lot of fun! Be sure to tell us how it goes. Smile
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                                I'm Stephanie, I live in Pittsburgh and just started a little over a year ago. I am getting ready to run my first half marathon this coming Sunday in Pittsburgh. My goal is to just finish the race. Wish me luck!! Big grin
                                Good lucky and just enjoy the run.

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