Who all is here and what are you doing? (Read 16874 times)

    I'm Jeff. I started running in college 20 odd years ago when I was on the rowing team - if we weren't on the water or stationary rowing trainers (ie ergs) ashore we were running. Being in the Navy the easiest way to get an aerobic workout is to run so I kept with it. I did not get serious about racing until 2008. I prefer 15Ks to Half-Marathon distances and have done 6 marathons. Just started official training for the 2018 Carlsbad Marathon this January.


      Berney McCol


          Hi all. I'm 40 years old (how did that happen?!) and I've been running on and off for a couple of years. I'm really looking to step it up a couple of gears this year and take on some longer runs. I got into running mainly for the health benefits, of course, but I have also always admired the discipline and mindset of runners. I'm hoping that this forum will help with accountability and advice from some far more experienced runners!



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                  Hi everyone,

                  I'm Nika, 34, just moved from France (back) to Germany ((unfortunately to a region that is completely flat - how will I do hill training now? )) .

                  I've been using this site to track my runs since 2011, but didn't really pay much attention to the forums. Now I've spent the last three weeks in "home office"... ...and decided to look for an online place to chat with other fellow runners.

                  I only started running in my twenties, and I'm still waiting for the moment when I magically get faster with training 🐌 . My 5k PR is 26:57, my marathon PR 4:27:32. Only two marathons so far, since the training for the second I've been struggling with knee issues on and off and haven't done more than a half since then... After much reduced distance in the last couple of month, I'm currently slowly starting to build up to longer distances again. With proper warmup before running, and glute/hip/core/whatever exercises as cross training; all in the hope that my left knee won't start complaining again. I had a 15km race in mind for the 1st May weekend, and a half in June, but we'll see how that goes!


                    Hello everyone.


                    I'm Luke, 37, tracking my progress with this site for a few years now. I ran a bit in my twenties, and both my 10K PR of 46:09 and Marathon PR of 3:54:44 are a dozen years old at this point. After a long break, I am back, focusing more on health and sustainability this time around.


                    My goals for 2020 are similar to last year - try to maintain 4-5 runs a week, try to keep the weekly mileage closer to 20 miles per week, try to get my 10K time below 50:00. Currently, I'm running circles around the house, we'll see if the situation allows me to make some race plans for the summer.


                    Wishing all of the RA community lots of health.


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                      The Nomad

                        Hey everyone!


                        New here. Just wanted to start a few runs and try this one out. Hope you could give me some tips on how I can survive this.

                        Website: Bonkers Tees


                          Hi, I am 45 and recently moved to CO. I am 6-3 but with the stress of moving and switching jobs I stopped running and got all the way to 221 lbs. In late June I started a running program again and am down to 198 lb. At first doing much more than 2 miles was a struggle and it took 6 weeks to get used to the altitude.

                          Now I am at 25 miles a week or so, every 3 weeks I take an easier week. I am trying to take the next step and get to 30-40 per week. I run 5-6 times per week, a long run of 7 miles or so every week or two and a tempo run. I am very close to where I was nearly 2 years ago when I broke 40 for 5 miles. I also got my son to the track and somehow did 32.1 for the 200 and 76.6 for the 400. I ran over 100 miles in November and am starting to feel good, which is when I have to be careful or else push too hard and get hurt.

                          I have a good level of knowledge and a long time ago I ran D1 and won age group awards more recently (before kids). I would love to post some good competitive times next year, maybe under 35 for 5 miles and a mile under 6.

                          Just looking for exchange of ideas and encouragement from this forum.


                          Runs with the pack

                            Hi everyone,

                            I'm Nika, 34, just moved from France (back) to Germany ((unfortunately to a region that is completely flat - how will I do hill training now? )) .



                            I've been on this site forever. My problem is just the opposite, I have to drive a short distance to find something that is a little flat since it's easy to get burned out running hills all the time.