Can't log in or recover password (Read 522 times)

Me and my RP

    My husband has tried 4 times to request his password after being told repeatedly that it's wrong.
    He has been trying since Saturday and hasn't gotten a response.

    Username is Griever.

    What should he do?


      Microsoft must have changed their email policy recently because all emails sent by RA going to their networks (hotmail, live, msn, etc) are being blocked.  I forwarded the bounced password recovery email to your husband so he could regain access to his account.  In the mean time, I'll work on getting the situation resolved with MS.


      eric Smile

      Me and my RP

        Thanks, EricSmile


          Hi Eric- I think we have a similar problem with the folks above....my wife cannot access her running ahead account. She has tried repeatedly from iPhone, iPad and laptop but none allow her to log in --"user email address not identified" or similar message. Can you help her? User name is masker7 Her email for running ahead is hotmail but it is also linked to her Facebook account which uses her yahoo account. Could that be what has caused the problem? Thanks in advance for your help!


            She sent me an email a couple of days ago and I replied with instructions.  There was a spelling error in her email address.  She just need to log in with the email address I provided.  Be sure to fix the email address after logging in.

              Humble thanks, Eric! Your response went to my junk mail which wasn't viewable on my iPhone. So appreciate your quick solution!

                Good to know that you were able to get back in!