Best Running Stores in Denver Area? (Read 1918 times)


    Any opinions on the best running stores in the Denver Area? I have really only been to Boulder Running Co and Runner's Roost and highly preferred the latter.
    I'm just finishing the second coat.

      I've always had great service at the Boulder Running company in Littleton. They always fit me with great shoes, and have a great selection. Usually I'm loyal to Runner's Roost in Lakewood (at Wadswoth & Alameda)-- they are close to my house, and even though they don't know my name, the owners always remember the last race I said I was running.

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        Runner's Roost is about the best.

          Okay. That's kind of what I thought. I'm sort of new to the area (as most people in Denver are) so I was just checking to see if there was some cool mom and pop kind of running store, but it doesn't sound like it. Thank you both for your advice.
          I'm just finishing the second coat.
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            I think both stores are really good. You are looking at the best two running shops in the state along the Front Range. Personally, I think Runners Roost is the best.
              I think both are good stores. I usually use Boulder Running Co. in the Springs.

                Try visiting the Boulder Running Company in Littleton....it feels like a mom and pop and the service there has always been really great. If you are looking for shoes, they have an awesome return policy. I typically get fitted by Mika or Dave. They are good about sending out $10 coupons too!!
                  BTW, down here in C. Springs, I joined the Pikes Peak Road Runners club just to get a membership card which gives me a 10% discount at the Boulder Running Co. I wonder if there is something similar up in Denver...