Equipment Distance Offset Max too low (Read 451 times)


    Now that equipment is allowed for different sports I would like to track the mileage on my bikes which I had previously had to keep manually. Since it would take forever to go back and manually add each to bike to each bike-ride logged into the system I just wanted to enter the information using the Distance Offset in the equipment section. Unfortunately there seems to be a very low "Distance Offset Max" as I get an error when trying to enter anything above ~500 miles. I would like to enter ~5,000 miles into the offset for one of my bikes. Would it be possible to up the allowable offset now that we can track more than just shoes? BTW, The new graphing and stat search features are great! Thanks.

    Former runner

      I got the same error when adding my bikes to the equipment list. "You exceeded the maximum allowed distance offset" Using WinXP with Firefox 3.05 Love the new log so far. Big grin Thanks