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    I've just started running again over the last six months.  5 years ago I was a 30 mile a week runner and I've had to start from scratch, it's been grueling.  Until recently I was running 18-22 miles a week. then starting to experience difficulty finishing runs that I had no problem finishingless than a month ago.  My shoes are in good shape, nothing is hurting, my breathing is fine but it is hot as hell!  I'm starting to believe the heat is having an adverse effect on my brain/body.  Help!! 

      I've been having similar problems except I was a 50-60 mile a week runner and backed off my mileage at the end of my college track season this spring and now I can't finish a run without stopping. Do you try to run in the morning or evening when it's cooler? Or maybe go to a shady park to run?

        Don't underestimate the effect that heat can have.  Some people (myself definitely included) are seriously affected by warm weather, especially early in the year before they get a chance to acclimate to the hotter temps.  Don't let it get you down or discouraged, and don't try to compare how you feel on a 60 degree day to a 90 degree day.  Your body will get better acclimated as the season wears on, and the temps will affect you less.  Stick at it, but play it safe and conservative in the meanwhile.

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          Berner hit the nail on the head.

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            Conversely, don't overestimate either.  There could be something else going on and the heat could be just coincidence.  Maybe you were just running to fast to begin with and the heat pushed you past the threshold of a sustainable pace for the distance.  This is usually the mistake most folks make when beginning or resuming running after a hiatus.  It's amazing how many people run at 5K pace for every run less than 3 miles...

              Thank you everyone I really appreciate all the comments/advice!!

                Yeah, run slower for the time being, at a pace that you can sustain/finish runs.

                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                  Berner hit the nail on the head.

                   +1.  Heat kills me.  My fastest race times have all been run in <50F weather, one in <20F weather.  I die trying to race in the summer.

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