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    Hi Eric Suggest and ideas to “Training Groups” If we made a training group for a specific event like a marathon I think it could be nice with more information about the participants in the group and it would be nice to have it on the page of “Group members” instead of open one profile a time to see the training intensity. Group members Member name / YTDorDTD (distance) / Average Week (distance)/ Weekly (Distance)/ Member since -YTD: Year to date or -DTD: Date to data (Decide by owner when he/she made the new group). Often it could be interesting with training information for the last 6 to 8 month before a marathon –therefore this option “DTD” instead of “YTD” if the marathon is placed in the first month of the year. -Average week: Average km/miles in the weeks since YTD/DTD …. …. It would be nice with a diagram to compare all members to see the distance YTD/DTD (-and perfect if last week is shown with another colour) (without Bunny) (more could be added ) Nice site and good work!! Anders


      Anders, I'm in the planning phase for a better group stats page. Most of what you want are already included in the plan. I understand that stats are somewhat lacking right now and I'll be rectifying that soon. eric Smile

        Eric, As you are updating the group stats page, could you please consider adding in "total training hours" that would include cross training? A significant portion of my training for a marathon this year will come from cross training and I consider it as valuable as my running training. Thanks, Phil
          Sure thing Phil!