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    Since this morning,my summary page is almost blank. I only have one widget left, which is the one that is (and was) at the upper left corner.

    After a few refreshes, and after trying on chrome and IE, on laptop and tablet, I resigned to rebuild the page... only to find that the "add widget" button had disappeared.


    Did anyone experience the same problem?



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      Did anyone experience the same problem?


      Yes, same problem here.  First login of the day and summary page contains only the two top-left most widgets.

      -- Mike


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        Same here. Am also encountering problems uploading Garmin data. It says loaded to server but doesn't display the results

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          Nope, mine looks normal.

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            Same here. Am also encountering problems uploading Garmin data. It says loaded to server but doesn't display the results


            Also having problems with this: data made it from watch to computer; from computer to Garmin.  But uploading to RA says "no new data" (unless I missed a different message the first attempt)

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              Yes, I'm having Garmin upload problems too.  I can usually use "Upload From GPS" directly, but since it wasn't working this morning, I dumped the data into Garmin's Training Center software first and exported it.  But "Upload From File" doesn't seem to be working either.


              Thanks for looking into this.

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                I don't upload data from Runkeeper or Garmin, so no input on that, but my summary page looks normal using I.E. 10 on Windows 7.

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                  Same issue as OP using Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m

                    I am having the same problem with the summary page.  All my widgets are gone.  All I have is the one that was on the upper left and a partial one below it.  Tried rebuild the page and found the add widget button is gone, as well.


                    I checked the workouts page, etc and all of my data is still there.  I also uploaded 6 workouts form my Garmin and the data showed up fine in the workout section.  It's just the summary page that's hosed.

                      This error was introduced by last night's update.  I'm looking into it now.

                        Hi everyone,

                        Are you still having summary page problems.  I am unable to reproduce the problem.  If you are having the problem, could you please leave it as it is so I can take a look.  Also include your browser information so I can see if it's browser specific as well.  Thanks!


                        eric Smile

                          Yes, still having the problem.


                          I use the latest version of Firefox

                            Having the problem as well.


                            Windows XP, latest stable build of firefox. Also in chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m

                              So I am having an almost reverse effect.  I am using IE8 at work, and prior to today I couldnt see anything on my summary page.  It was completely blank, not sure why.  I never was able to figure it out.  I had figured it was some security measure on java or something that my IT group here had put on our systems.


                              But today, I can see my summary page.  It does look like it might be cut off a little on the right hand side of the screen.


                              Also, I couldnt post to the message boards yesterday either, but today I seem to be able to do that fine as well.



                                I've found the problem.  The fix is being deployed to the servers.  It will take about 15 minutes for the changes to appear.  It was caused by a bit of test code that I accidentally added to the code base.