Recovering from pneumonia, when to run again (Read 336 times)

    My lingering cough took a turn for the worse, so, now, while it's perfect Bay Area Indian summer weather, I sit in bed.  Great.


    The doctor gave me a stern talking-to about not returning to running too soon, but she was vague about what "too soon" was, or how I would know, or what might happen if I returned to activity "too soon."  I have zero interest in going for a run now - getting to and from the doc's yesterday just about wiped me out - but figure that will change at some point. 


    Advice?  I gather it depends a lot on how bad the pneumonia was, but I don't think I know much of an answer to that.  She did say it was on both sides.  My oxygen level was 91%.  They didn't do an x-ray.  I don't think I've had it for that long.  I have been doing recovery miles after a 50k two weeks ago, and 8 miles last Friday went fine, but 5 miles on Saturday was a slog beyond slogging.  I had a fever by Saturday afternoon, so I think it moved into my lungs between Friday and Saturday.


    Apparently, the problem is that I was supposed to be drinking *nonalcoholic* beer after the 50k.  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/24/nonalcoholic-beer-aids-marathon-recovery/  Yeah, did that wrong.