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    So the past 8 or so months ive had knee issues in my right knee, which is finally starting to get better. So im been trying to work on my form while im only able to run short distances for now. While walking I realized my left foot points straight and my right foot points off to the side like 20 degrees or so. I have been trying to work on walking with it pointed forward and run with it pointed forward but every step I take feels like im twisting my whole leg to straighten my foot. Is this something that will go away eventually or am I doing something wrong, thanks for any help!

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      My right leg has ALWAYS done this.  I know exactly what you mean.  I have to twist my leg to make my foot go straight.  I've kind of given up on trying anymore.


        You can correct this problem but it's not easy because you have been walking like this your whole life.

        Tai Chi will correct it because you have to put your knee over your toes or you will be pushed out.

        Eliptical helps because you can hold your foot strait.

        Run in the snow and look at your prints.

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          I've had this issue as well, right foot pronated out twenty or so degrees.  Interestingly enough, I've also had right hip issues for the last 25 years, issues which I've attributed to the pronation of my right foot.


          I told you that as a basis to say this; my right foot no longer exhibits the pronation, and my right hip is feeling better than at any time since the late 1980s.  What changed?  Good question.


          My working theory is centered around the approach I took last year when I got back into running; instead of lots of road work and a mixture of  distances, speeds, and types of workouts, I concentrated solely on LSD (Long Slow Distance), on dirt trails.  Prior to April of last year the most mileage I'd logged in any one 12-month period was about 700, as of today my rolling 12-month average is somewhere north of 2,500 miles.  During all of those miles I never concentrated on reducing the pronation of my right foot, I just focused on keeping a nice slow pace and "staying over my feet".  The change happened so subtly I didn't even know it had happened; I noticed it one day when I was comparing a race photo of me from last October to one from this May.  After seeing the stark difference in the two pictures, I focused on my feet during a few long 10+ mile runs, and sure enough, I was toes forward on both feet.


          I have no idea what the biomechanical logic is behind why my stride changed itself after so many years of being imbalanced, so I cannot say if my approach would work for others or not.

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            I noticed the same thing in my right foot. One thing that helped me a lot is single leg balances with eyes closed. Made sure when you start your foot is facing forward, lift the other knee up to make a 45 degree angle, close your eyes and hold for as long as you can. I started out doing 30 seconds a time, 2 reps each leg and built from there.


            That said, there's also a lot (probably more) to what shipo said, just consistently logging miles.

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              Rotated hip sockets will cause your feet to skew inwards/outwards.  Likewise, your femur can be rotated as well.   Certainly there are muscle imbalances that will do it, but I don't know if I would try to force the situation without understanding the structure underneath.   Have you seen anyone for the knee issues?


              More info on hip/femur rotation - http://runningreform.com/femoral-anteversion-craigs-test-and-poor-advice/ and here http://b-reddy.org/2013/05/09/talking-about-hip-retroversion/


                some people just run strangely


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                  Thanks for the responses everyone. I guess I was mostly concerned because I was unsure if the 8 months of knee pain had anything to do with this, or if it caused it. I have only been running for a little over a year now and I just noticed my feet were like this a few weeks ago.