Defaulting workout type to the day's planned workout type (Read 377 times)


    One of the features I love about the site is setting up a training plan. It would be nice (when importing workouts) if the workout type defaulted to the planned workout type for the day. Currently, my workout type always defaults to Default. Am I missing a setting where this can be enabled?

      Not sure if there is a setting for it, but I know that if I have a workout in my training plan, when I go to enter a workout that day, it defaults to whatever the workout type for hte day is (Tempo, easy, etc...)


        I just checked this - and it does default to the day's workout if you're manually entering a new workout entry. I import my workouts from my Garmin, and they always default to Default. It looks like the behaviour is different depending on how the workouts are added.

          I can confirm this behavior and would also like to see the workout type match the planning after importing from a gps. Smile

            This is an oversight on my part.  Training plan are not automatically linked up when you import the workouts from your GPS.  I'll have this fixed for the next release.

              I uploaded the enhancement.  It took much longer than expected because the feature is more complicated than anticipated.  I wrote code to match the actual and the scheduled workouts based on what is known (distance/duration).  When you save an individual workout, the algorithm is simpler.


              It's more complicated if you use the "Save All" button because now I have to deal with the possibility of having multiple scheduled and actual workouts on the same day.  On top of that, there could be hundreds of workouts to match (if you do not upload your workouts regularly), which means the code should not process one workout at a time.  Anyway, I spent more time than I expected getting the code to be efficient.  It is still not perfect, but it should be good enough for most cases.  Enjoy!