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    how can i delete my profile? early this summer i made a log that i have recorded all of my miles for the summer, and just recently i remebered that back in 2006 i had already made a log and instead of using it, forgot about it. so to get this log out of my mind and out of my user group, i would appreiate a little help, since my computer skills mainly stop at loging on.
      You can leave your user groups if you log in in your old account and go to the communtiy tab up top, select "user groups", click on the name of the group that's in the list on the left, go to "options" under the group menu, and click on "leave group." If you do that for each of the groups you are a member of then your old account won't be in any groups any more.

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          I did not add in the ability to delete user accounts. There are many inactive accounts on the server because nearly everyone just stop using their accounts rather than coming back and deleting them. Do what Janell suggested to leave the group and then go with the account you prefer. eric Smile

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